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The NES Joy-Con: Now You’re Playing With Power



A while back Dbrand, a prominent skin manufacturer, warned people not to apply a vinyl skin or wrap to your Nintendo Switch. Turns out, both the Joy-Cons and the console are not compatible with vinyl wraps or any adhesive-backed skin of any kind. The news was rather disappointing for me since the first thing I thought of doing when I purchased my Switch was to customize it to look like the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Well, after scouring the internet for other options,  my friend pointed me in the direction of ColorWare, a company known for creating some beautiful custom painted gaming accessories and stickers. And the latest item added to their catalog is a set of custom painted NES Joy-Con controllers, perfect for any die-hard Nintendo fan, or at least those of you who can afford it. The good news is that they are stunning. The bad news is these NES Joy-Con controllers will set you back a whopping $199 plus shipping. For those of you who have the money to spend, I suggest you act fast since according to the website, these bad boys are limited. In the meantime, you have to wonder why Nintendo hasn’t capitalized on nostalgia and released their own variations of the Joy-Cons to resemble previous generations of consoles. Here’s the description from the company’s website:

In 1985 Nintendo revolutionized the home entertainment industry by releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES took a niche hobby and brought it into everyone’s living room. ColorWare is bringing back these memories with the release of our limited Joy Con Classic controllers. Available for a limited time only with the first 25 having a number of authenticity. Don’t miss your chance to own these unique custom made Joy Cons.

Enjoy solo or group gameplay with these Limited Edition Nintendo Joy-Con wireless controllers. Made to work with your existing Nintendo Switch system, these sturdy units come with integrated accelerometers, gyro sensors and buttons for an immersive gaming experience. Woven wrist straps keep these Nintendo Joy-Con wireless controllers firmly in your hands.

ColorWare Limited Nintendo Joy Con Classic
Only the first 25 units were individually numbered
Custom painted in a black and grey to resemble the Original NES
May be used separately or attached to the main console
Each Joy Con has a set of buttons, accelerometer and gyro-sensor
Comes in original packaging
ColorWare Warranty

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