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Musician The Weeknd is The Latest to Get the Meme Treatment



The Weeknd memes Super Bowl 55

You should know by now that I am a fan of a good meme (I consider myself a connoisseur of sorts. Meme’s of the finest quality only please) and the 2021 Super Bowl that happened this past weekend gave us one that has certainly captured the creativity of the Internet. Musical artist The Weeknd performed at the Pepsi Half Time show at the Super Bowl and his performance included some hand held camera work through a maze of bright lights. The hectic movements of the singer and the up close and personal camera shots led to all sorts of memes cropping up. Let’s take a look at some.

The close up camera shots of The Weeknd make for some relatable moments, such as this shot that goes out to everyone who has been involved in Zoom meetings at work more frequently since the start of the pandemic. The awkwardness is palpable.  Shout out to @MeggyNikirk for this one.

As much as I enjoy the video game references in some of these memes, this one is by far the most relatable. We have all been there. I still get like this now when I go shopping with my mum to be honest. Thanks to @TylerJRoney for this one.

This one makes me feel a little less alone in my complete lack of direction and navigational skills. I really do try. I just lack common sense. Apparently over ninety thousand people on Twitter are the same. Thank you to @alyssalimp for this one.

Video game tutorials are there for a reason but we gamers have all dealt with this before. Whether it’s our arrogance or our impatience, we skip the tutorials because of course I know what I’m doing! I’ve been playing games my whole life. How could I not? And then you realise you have no idea what the controls are and where you are meant to be going. Skipping the tutorials is indeed the true definition of the hubris of mankind. @G4TV gives us this one.

Last but certainly not least; this take on the meme includes sound effects and graphics to match those found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the Tweet reflecting the panic the player is sure to feel when they lose their bearings in the Lost Woods. The Lost Woods is a confusing maze, specifically meant to make you lost as the name suggests. So of course The Weeknd can’t find his way out. I like the extra features of music and graphics on this one as well as a filter to replicate the fog found in the Lost Woods. Shout out to @ActualAero for this brilliant take on the meme.

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