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Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Spells, Ranked



Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Spells, Ranked

Hogwarts Legacy: Best Spells Tier List

It’s hard pressed to find any issues with the blockbuster video game Hogwarts Legacy, especially for fans of the Harry Potter franchise. It offers a ginormous open world, full to the brim with hundreds of secrets that Harry Potter fans are sure to love. The characters and the beasts make the 19th century Wizarding World feel alive. But most importantly, the game allows players to live out their many fantasies of actually being a student at Hogwarts. With that comes many phenomenal perks; you can attend classes, where you learn everything from potion making, herbology, and even flying lessons. However, a Harry Potter game just wouldn’t be complete with an impressive assortment of spells that give you the edge in combat as well as help you solve a few puzzles.

The roster of spells offered in Hogwarts Legacy is mighty. With a total of 27 spells that add to the magical experience of playing in the Wizarding World. The impressive roster of 27 spells is bound to hold spells that are way better than others, and while every spell in the game is unique and exciting to use, there are a few spells that after a while, you don’t really use anymore, if you can help it. So, without further ado, ready your wands as we rank the best spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

10. Accio – The Summoning Charm

Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

One of the first spells that players get to learn is Accio. Accio gives the player the ability to pull enemies and objects towards them, giving players a huge edge in combat. The summoning charm is perfect for building up those combos, especially when using Incendio. Upgraded, Accio only gets better, allowing you to pull groups of enemies towards you at once, as opposed to the standard single enemy without the upgrade.

The only downside, like many of the spells on this list, is that Accio is fairly ineffective against larger enemies and bosses.

9. Transformation – The Transformation Charm

Wizarding World
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The Transformation spell is exactly as it reads. Transformation allows players to transform their enemies into objects like barrels, stunning enemies for a limited period of time. Until the player attacks them again, turning the enemy back into their original forms. In its basic form, Transformation is just okay, but upon upgrading the spell and Transformation becomes something else.

After upgrading the spell, Transformation would now allow players to turn their targeted enemy into an explosive barrel, which players can then hurl at other enemies. Again, the Transformation spell is basically ineffective against bigger enemies and bosses, but works a treat against a swarm of smaller enemies.

8. Depulso – The Banishment Charm

Harry Potter
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Depulso is the polar opposite to Accio, and instead of pulling enemies towards you, Depulso will hurl your enemies away from you. Forcing an enemy back doesn’t do much, but knocking them into other enemies and objects deals a ton of damage. Likewise, Depulso can be used to push enemies off cliffs and ledges, instantly killing them. Like many of the force spells, Depulso is fairly useless against bosses.

7. Expelliarmus – The Disarming Charm

Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Expelliarmus is one of the most recognizable spells in the entire Wizarding World franchise, and is one of the most fun and effective spells to use in Hogwarts Legacy. Just like the movies, Expelliarmus disarms your enemies from their weapons, which as expected, provides a lot of edge in battle. As a damage spell, Expelliarmus, while also disarming enemies, deals a moderate amount of damage, making it fairly useful against bosses, even if it doesn’t disarm them.

Disarming your enemies grants you a huge advantage in combat, disabling the enemies ability to cast spells at you. Sure, it may be pretty ineffective against Spider’s, but when using the spell against Goblin’s, their weapon flails up into the air, allowing the player to hurl their weapon back at them.

6. Descendo 

Hogwarts Legacy - 6. Descendo 
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

What could be more fun than lifting enemies in the air and slamming them into the ground. Well Descendo allows players to do just that. Although best used in a combo with the likes of Levioso and Accio, Descendo deals a ton of damage and offers much entertainment value. Sadly, Descendo, like most spells, is pretty ineffective against bosses and larger enemies.

5. Imperio – The Imperius Curse 

Spells - 5. Imperio - The Imperius Curse 
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

As one of the three unforgivable curses in the game, Imperio is sadly the weakest. However, this is not to its discredit. Imperio, allows the player to control enemies, adding them to their team. While players can’t physically control them, it’s a joy to watch enemies attack each other, turning the tide in battle. Additionally, Imperio works great against bosses and larger enemies, who wreak utter havoc on their smaller minions.

4. Diffindo – The Severing Charm

Hogwarts Legacy - 4. Diffindo - The Severing Charm
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Diffindo allows players to deal deadly razor sharp slashes at enemies dealing a considerable amount of damage. The Severing Charm is great for doling out heaps of damage, and also works a real treat against bosses. When upgraded, Diffindo only gets better, allowing the vicious razor sharp slashes to slice through enemies and ricochet to any enemy standing behind them. As an added bonus, Diffindo looks badass when cast, making the wizard/witch of your creation look and feel even cooler.

3. Confringo – The Blasting Curse

Hogwarts Legacy - 3. Confringo - The Blasting Curse
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Confringo is an incredibly useful spell to use in combat, weakening enemies like spiders and Inferi’s, as well as dealing a ton of damage over time. Confringo works exactly the same as Incendio, lighting enemies on fire, dealing a ton of damage as well as creating a burning status effect, constantly dealing damage to enemies for a long period of time. Many fans of the game love Incendio, and while it’s a great spell to use early doors, Confringo should be your go-to fire spell, if only for its range. Upgrading the spell allows Confringo to bounce from numerous enemies in close proximity to the player’s targeted enemy.

2. Crucio – The Cruciatus Curse

Spells - 2. Crucio - The Cruciatus Curse
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Crucio is a must-have spell in every player’s loadouts, period. As the first Unforgivable Spell, the player will unlock, Crucio stuns enemies, torturing them and dealing a ton of damage over time. Before upgrading however, the spell doesn’t really offer much. But give the spell all of its upgrades and you will be an unstoppable wizard or witch. Players can make the curse last longer, but by far the best trait is unlocking the ability to be able to send projectile curses that latch upon to surrounding enemies, when attacking the targeted cursed enemy; creating a swarm of enemies who have all been cursed.

1. Avada Kedavra – The Killing Curse

Spells - 1. Avada Kedavra - The Killing Curse
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Avada Kedavra is the last spell players get to learn, (depending on whether the player has completed all the assignments) and for good reason. At no point in the game will you feel more of an overpowered wizard than when using Avada Kedavra. What else is there to say? It’s a one-shot, one kill no matter the size or type of enemy. Not including story bosses, of course.

However, the power of Avada Kedavra doesn’t just stop there, as players are allowed to upgrade the most powerful spell known to wizard kind, allowing players to instantly kill any and all enemies who are cursed. With an upgraded Crucio and an upgraded Avada Kedavra players will be unstoppable.

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