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Game Pass Anonymous 5. The Ultimate Xbox Console Tier List



Listen to “5. The Ultimate Xbox Console Tier List” on Spreaker.

It’s time for the ultimate Xbox tier list! On this week’s meeting of Game Pass Anonymous, we go through each generation of Xbox and the major revisions and place the Xbox hardware on our own definitive tier lists. Some Xboxs wound up all the way down in the trash tier while others rocketed all the way up to S-tier and the reasoning may surprise you!

Game Pass Anonymous is Goomba Stomp’s premier Xbox podcast in which we discuss gaming news, services, history, and new releases through the lens of an Xbox die hard. If you find yourself struggling with Xbox addiction make sure to join in the discussion and find yourself amongst friends.

News writer and Xbox reviewer. Patrick lives in Minneapolis Minnesota with his wife and their dog Ghost. Patrick studied economics at the University of Northern Colorado and is particularly interested in the market dynamics of the video game industry. When he's not working Patrick can be found walking Ghost through downtown MPLS, binging The West Wing on repeat, or playing hockey. You see everything Patrick does right here on

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