Five Best Cappy Possessions in ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

by James Baker
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To some extent, Super Mario Odyssey should be renamed Super Cappy Odyssey. Who’s the real hero on this odyssey? It’s hard to believe our favorite plumber would have made it out of the Cap Kingdom without his new found friend, Cappy. With Cappy’s unique abilities of persuasion, he has certainly guided Mario into some ominous situations.

Cappy’s ability to control creatures and certain inanimate objects has helped Mario get into areas he would normally be unable to. With a large variety of different interactions Cappy can make with the world, many have proven incredibly useful, while some are just quite hilarious. Here are five of the best possessions Cappy makes in Super Mario Odyssey, please be aware it might contain spoilers.

Shiverian Racer in Odyssey

Shiverian Racer

This one is more on the hysterical side than it is the useful side. Sure, you win yourself a power moon through winning the Bound Bowl Grand Prix, but honestly, who expected to be bouncing around a race course?

Shiverians are adorable and it’s in no small part due to their slight resemblance to the Gorons in The Legend of Zelda. Strangely, they even make a similar noise to the Gorons, that deep, slightly tired-sounding grunt. In fact, everything about them just screams snow Goron, with the Bound Bowl Grand Prix just an icy version of the Goron race in Majora’s Mask.

Glydon in Odyssey


Glydon has proven to be quite useful at getting power moons in unfortunate places. Not only that, he has proven quite useful at getting power moons in the more fortunate places when the conventional method is less than desirable at the time. Always found high up as he likes to find the best places to glide from, it’s easier to spot power moons from a distance and merely glide towards them.

Evidence on his neckerchief would point to his homeland being the Sand Kingdom, but at this point, he’s a lizard of the world.  Unfortunately, Glydon can only take you so far. If he dives into the water he seems to just dissolve and disappear, limiting your search in the skies alone.

cheep cheep in Odyssey

Cheep Cheep

Luckily, cheep cheep are in abundance in the water. Surviving the depths of the Lake Kingdom, or enduring the freeze of the waters of the Snow Kingdom is near-on impossible without these adorable fish.

Throwing Cappy at a cheep cheep really opens up a lot of possibilities, drifting you into places you’ve never considered before. They can even perform a magikarp splash on land, to slowly bounce your way around to a small waterhole that probably has a power moon hidden at its bottom. A cheep cheep is a canny investment for any man with a self-aware hat.

Bowser in Odyssey


Honestly, Super Mario Odyssey had some of the easiest Bowser battles in Super Mario history. Super Mario Odyssey had some of the easiest boss battles in Super Mario overall, but the Bowser battles were probably the most underwhelming. That said, the surprise at the end to use Cappy to possess Bowser and open up some pretty fun gameplay was a nice surprise.

One of the most creative aspects about Super Mario Odyssey is how it transcends from 3-D to 2-D levels with ease. When Cappy possesses Bowser, the gameplay that follows is some of the most enjoyable in the game. It’s simply bashing the crumbling walls down, but the speed and avoiding falling debris from above, along with the music at the final moments, made it a highly enjoyable experience.

Yoshi in Odyssey


Finding Yoshi and throwing Cappy at him just brought up memories of Yoshi’s Story. Yoshi appearing on this list is more of a campaign to bring back Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo Switch. You can even earn a power moon by eating enough fruit with Yoshi, so Yoshi’s Story is alive to some extent.

Finding Yoshi is very easy, and his existence is teased throughout the game with even his house being found in a portal from the Luncheon Kingdom to the Mushroom Kingdom. To find him, just throw Cappy at the scarecrow to the left side of the castle. Climb up the castle and find his green-spotted egg.

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Maxwell N November 5, 2017 - 1:28 am

Good list but my favorite isn’t on here: Uproot (the stretchy onion guys). I think Nintendo could make a whole game based on their mechanics.

Cheep Cheeps are probably my second favorite. Just feels so good to swim around.

Donalyn Dovale-Brown November 5, 2017 - 8:00 am

One of my favs too, along with hammer bros and tanks

Patrick November 5, 2017 - 3:34 pm

Absolutely right about Uproot. Those guys were so fun to play. Once I got the hang of Wiggler I was having a good time with those as well. Still, my number 1 is tanks.

Maxwell N November 5, 2017 - 4:22 pm

Tanks in the rain at night made me laugh because it reminded me of Arkham Knight.

James Baker November 7, 2017 - 4:45 am

Haha, it’s very difficult to choose only five.

Maxwell N November 5, 2017 - 4:23 pm

Also, are we just ignoring the Mario chose to gave Jaxi 30 coins to ride him but decided to straight up possess Yoshi? The guy has some serious problems.


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