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Everything From The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Nintendo Direct

Whether you just want to accept all the freebies or dig in for the paid, almost all the things that Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have been asking for are here.



Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct 2.0 update

Pull up a froggy chair and take a breath of fresh island air, Animal Crossing family. On October 15th, Nintendo announced a ton of new updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a dedicated Direct. The updates that were detailed are both free and paid, and there’s a lot. Your intrepid Animal Crossing correspondent is here to parse the pieces.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Direct
Image: Nintendo

What’s coming for free?

There’s a lot of content arriving in what Nintendo declared as the “last major free update” to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Let’s break down Version 2.0!

Brewster’s Roost: As expected, the beloved pigeon is back, with a coffee shop expansion to Blather’s venerable museum. Get coffee, and meet friends for some, too!

Image: Nintendo

Kapp’n Tours: Another island favorite returns in the form of Kapp’n’s boat tours! For what looks like the modest price of 1000 Nook miles, Kapp’n will not only sing an amazing song for you, he’ll whisk you away to an exotic island! It looks like islands include strange weather and happenings galore!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Direct
Image: Nintendo

Harv’s Little Village: In a huge surprise, the often-forgotten Harv’s Island is expanding into a village of shops including the return of a ton of favorite characters and their respective small businesses.

This robust section moved fast, but by the looks of it, you can pay bells into finding and opening shops featuring but not limited to:

  • Katrina’s Fortune Telling shop: Get your fortune told! In past games this could help with luck, and was just good fun.
  • Sahara’s Wallpaper: Pin down the exotic wallpaper of your dreams. And hopefully rug!
  • Kick’s Shoes: You know you need those sneakers! Kicks has got ’em!
  • Redd’s Antiques: The dream of finishing that Museum may finally become attainable.
  • Reese And Cyrus’ s Cusomizations: In past games Reese and Cyrus helped customize furniture. With that already available, it appears that here they can help you customize what were previously island-specific color sets like lighthouses and other big pieces.
  • Tortimer: Seeing the beloved former mayor was a welcome surprise, though his role look a little mysterious and appears to have something to do with storage? We’ll take it, he’s wonderful.
  • Harriet’s Hair : Harriet is back to help you source the latest coifs and curls.

    It’s very possible there will be some other stuff in this mix, this is just what could be detected via the Direct!
Image: Nintendo

Villager Relationships

This was subtly announced but is huge. Clean up those cockroaches, because Villagers will now sometimes drop in on your house and ask you to visit theirs. It’s a small feature from past games that goes a long way to make Animal Crossing: New Horizons feel a little more like home.


Cute culinary dreams have simmered for too long, you can now grow ingredients and cook them into recipes. Put those Breath of the Wild skills to the test and make the finest minestrone that your local panda has ever slurped.

Image: Nintendo


There is a certain breed of curious Animal Crossing fan for whom this news was the greatest of all. Gyroids are back in New Horizons! (Author’s note: Your venerable and intrepid Animal Crossing Correspondent is precisely this breed of curiosity…)

Image: Nintendo

The weird magic robots known as gyroids are finally back! Find a gyroid fragment under a familiar X-spot, plant and water, and watch it mature. What do they do? Dance and make beautiful useless noises that sometimes line up with your music! Delightful… and customizable!

Lots more Quality of Life Upgrades!

Seriously, there was a lot slammed into this twenty minutes. Further free update material includes (but are not limited to):

  • Pro Camera Ap: Align to eye level and get cooler shots!
  • More KK songs: Twelve new songs including POLKA!
  • Pro decorating license : Hang ceiling lights and wall shelves.
  • Max bridges/inclines increased: Ten is more than eight!
  • 9 new fence types : You know you love nine fences!
  • Custom Patterns can now be worn and used as flooring and wallpaper: Wear it like a pro.
  • Town stretching exercises?!?: Inexplicable and awesome collective exercise that actually encourages you to get up and move.
Image: Nintendo
  • Storage expansion up to 5000: Most welcome. More imaginary things, please.
  • Storage shed for extra items connects to home storage: See above.
  • 11 new reactions : Including ‘waving goodbye’ and ‘bouncing to music’.
  • Island Life 101 ap or newbs: New here?
  • More new Nook mile furniture: We need more things!
  • New Nook’s Cranny furniture and decor: Still more!
  • New tool for making permanent ladders (ladder set up kit): This is pretty darned cool and also was just slid in, the ability to craft ladder onto inclines is great.
  • Narrow spaces are now navigable: Slide past that pile of imaginary stuff…and…
  • FROGGY CHAIR: The king has returned, Return of the King. Ribbit.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Direct
Image: Nintendo

And then the other sneaker dropped.

For an additional $25, or as part of the upgraded Nintendo Online subscription (what looks to be $50 a year, a real shadow drop of an announcement if ever there was one), you can join your island friends with:

Happy Home Paradise

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Direct
Image: Nintendo

Playing off of the original Happy Home Designer, New Horizons’ first paid DLC tasks you with designing vacation homes for various characters. Your very official job here is to fly off to an island of your choice and decorate both the home and island to suit your client’s needs. Finish up and get paid in “poki”, a new currency that gets you rare furniture.

Image: Nintendo

You can also design themed facilities on the new Paradise planner Island, like a school, restaurant, or a hospital, and it appears as if residents will interact with them that way.

Image: Nintendo

New Design Tools (Not Included)

While the meat and potatoes of this DLC looks fun, the big deal here is that it adds a new tool suite to your ability to design on your home island.  As of right now, it’s unclear how much of this toolset will translate back to your island home, but here’s a list of what you can learn to do in Happy Home Paradise:

  • Flexibly adjust interior sizes
  • Make partition walls
  • Counters with two different heights
  • Ceiling pillars
  • Lighting adjustment for mood
  • Soundscapes
  • Polishing adds “some effects”
Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Direct
Image: Nintendo

As Nintendo put it,“Design techniques acquired while working with the Paradise Planning Team can be used on your island.” They name partition walls, pillars, counters, lighting, soundscapes, and polishing, so it seems likely that the only missing feature on the island is, sensibly, the ability to flexibly adjust room size.

Additionally, there is a new Happy Home Network App that uses photos as design samples. You can use it to visit previous designs or share with and follow other designers across the world. And you can also design vacation homes for Amiibos, and it looks like inclusive of major characters like Timmy, Tommy, and Isabelle. 

You can even invite your residents to get their vacation homes, and after you’ve designed a certain number of homes, you can make suggestions for their homes on your New Horizons island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Direct
Image: Nintendo

That’s A Lotta Crossing

In short, there’s a lot of new content coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Whether you just want to accept all the freebies or dig in for the paid, almost all the things that fans have been asking for are here.

This intrepid Animal Crossing correspondent is looking forward to getting back to their island on November 5, and hopefully, we’ll see you there!

Marty Allen is an artist, writer, and creative producer who lives in Brooklyn. Marty loves to write about video games, pop culture, and all sorts of things. He's written a pile of books and made a bunch of art and songs, but mostly he just plays Animal Crossing and eats watermelon.