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E3 2017: Every Game Featured at the Sony Showcase



In recent years, Sony has been known to craft some of the most spectacular showcases to be seen on an E3 stage. After loading the first half of the year with massive titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5, did the 2017 presentation have enough to carry on the legacy?

While it may not have had any huge surprises, Sony delivered more details on a huge lineup of titles arriving in the upcoming year, including release dates, trailers, and more.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Kicking off the celebration of all things PlayStation, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy received a new trailer, offering a closer look into the adventures of Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross as they search for the tusk of Ganesh. Naughty Dog’s latest addition to the Uncharted franchise looks to be a continuation of the gameplay and character relationships fans of the series know and love.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Aloy is back in a brand new adventure later in 2017. An expansion called The Frozen Wilds received a teaser trailer, but offered no other details on when gamers should expect to see more or what lies ahead for Aloy. Horizon receiving new content comes as no surprise, considering the game’s February release marked it as one of the most successful first-party launches in Sony’s history.

Days Gone

Sony Bend’s post-apocalyptic open world game received another extended gameplay trailer, focusing on the varied combat elements. Players can utilize traps, foliage that offers dense cover, and the zombies themselves to take down human enemy camps. The seven-minute-long clip offered a sneak peek into what some missions in Days Gone will look like, and it wasn’t disappointing by any means.

Monster Hunter World

The Japan-centric franchise is officially coming to PS4 and Xbox One, with the trailer showing the player deciding whether to carefully avoid a T-Rex or face it in an intense, dynamic combat sequence. While not much was offered on the details of the title, it is coming in early 2018, with a PC version arriving “at a later date.”

Shadow of the Colossus

The PS2 classic from Team Ico is getting a full HD remake from the ground up, thanks to Bluepoint. The stunning graphics were the main showcase of the reveal trailer, giving a new look to a game that’s already been remastered once before. Perhaps the biggest surprise of Sony’s conference, the cult favorite is coming sometime in 2018.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

In a new story trailer, a number of new characters were revealed, including Thanos, Gamora, Dante from Devil May Cry, and Zero from Mega Man X. The fighting title will be released on September 19 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Call of Duty: World War II

The next entry into the world’s biggest first-person shooter franchise, developed by Sledgehammer Games, was showcased, letting gamers catch a glimpse of the Nazi-filled multiplayer action. Call of Duty: World War II is coming on November 3.


PSVR has been a huge success for Sony, earning the platform a significant presence on the E3 stage. Amongst the titles coming to the system are Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, indie sci-fi sidescroller Star Child from developer Playful and publisher GameTrust, psychological thriller The Inpatient from Supermassive, a Final Fantasy XV fishing spin-off called Monster of the Deep, Bravo Team’s spin on the military shooter, and Moss, where you assist a small mouse on his adventures.

God of War

One of Sony’s most highly anticipated games, God of War held a significant presence at this year’s showcase. With a new trailer shedding much more light on the gameplay and backstory, the next entry in the long-running franchise will still have the hacking, the slashing, and the gore that it is known for. Having his son Atreus along for the ride has not changed Kratos’ combat style, much to the delight of fans of the series. God of War will come to PS4 in early 2018.

Detroit: Become Human

The next project from David Cage and Quantic Dream received yet another new trailer, giving a deeper look into the many choices players can make when deciding how they embark on their android adventures. The trailer introduces Marcus, the leader of an android resistance against the human creators. Though the trailer impressed, no release dates or windows were announced.

Destiny 2

Bungie’s next release received another trailer, revealing Dominus Ghaul, Destiny 2’s primary antagonist. The trailer mainly centered around the Bungie’s continued partnership with Sony for Destiny 2’s first year, allowing players to have access to exclusive strikes, weapons, and armor sets. Destiny 2 is launching on September 6.


Closing out the show was Insomniac’s Spider-Man, looking remarkable in a gameplay demo that offered the first glimpse into how the player will control the superhero. With an obvious influence from Rocksteady’s Arkham games coming through in the combat, Spidey’s takedowns and stealth as he traversed the cityscape was fantastic. It’s not clear how Miles Morales will fit into the game’s story after his reveal at the trailer’s end. Players will be swinging through the city sometime in 2018.

Sara Winegardner is a lifelong gamer and aspiring journalist currently based in Washington, DC. Being fed a steady diet of Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and MMORPGs since she can remember, Sara will play just about anything, even if it means grinding for hours on end. Her childhood dream is to walk the E3 floor at least once.