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‘Destiny’ DLC: Avenging the Iron Lords



As of June 9th it was officially confirmed by Bungie that this year’s DLC will be called Rise of Iron. This DLC represents Bungie’s final installment before the long awaited release of Destiny 2 in 2017. Bungie hosted a reveal stream over on their twitch channel earlier this week, declaring that a mutated Fallen army have broken through the defenses put down by the Iron Lords long ago.


As for the news! The release date for Rise of Iron will be September 20th this year and the size of this DLC will be slightly smaller than that of last years expansion, The Taken King. The update will feature a wide range of activities and things for guardians to explore, we will have a new raid, social space, weapons, armour, and new Crucible modes, all for the cost of $30.


As for the outlook, I believe this expansion will be a great showcase of storytelling and a great addition to the Destiny lore book. With guardians now knowing what happened to the Iron Lords, the presence of Lord Saladin in the tower has been revealed, as he has been training guardians for this upcoming fight.

The Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion, calls guardians to walk alongside the one remaining Iron Lord in order to face a plagued Fallen army, riddled with biomechanical modifications and Warmind technology. Avenge the fallen Iron Lords and protect your home!


You’ll also be able to get your hands on a super awesome flaming battle axe, which is always exciting. More information is set to come out over the summer and until then… let us know what you think down below!

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