Choose Your Party: Ranking the Characters of ‘Final Fantasy X’

Who is the Best Character in Final Fantasy X?

The Final Fantasy series has long been known for its strong storytelling and memorable casts of characters. The 7 member party of Final Fantasy X is no exception to this trend. While the team of guardians in Final Fantasy X may not be as memorable as the cast of Final Fantasy VII or IX, they still represent a diverse, and well-established group with which to journey across Spira.

With this in mind, we’re ranking each of these characters below, from beast men to sports superstars to uber goth witches. So get in the sphere ladies and gents, it’s time to blitz off!

7) Wakka

Final Fantasy X

When trying to figure out who to place at the bottom of this list, Wakka is the obvious choice. Never mind that the guy fights with a freaking blitz ball, which is super lame, he also happens to be a huge racist. He regularly discriminates against the Al Bhed throughout the game, even including your party member, Rikku. Even more annoying, Wakka is the worst kind of religious fundamentalist: the kind who suggests that those who are suffering deserve it somehow for their sins, and that prayer and belief can fix everything wrong with the world.  Despite his slight redemption toward the end of the game, and strong devotion to Yuna, Wakka remains easily the worst character in Final Fantasy X.

6) Rikku

Final Fantasy X

While Rikku’s sunny disposition can be a relief during the darker parts of Final Fantasy X, her chipper demeanor can often grow to be a bit much — hence her low placement on this list. Still, as the only party member on Tidus’ side, Yuna’s cousin, and the sole voice of the Al Bhed, Rikku’s perspective on the journey, and its eventual sacrifice, comes from a unique place of love, rebellion, and the desire for a better world.  Thus, she has her moments to shine, even though she may be occasionally grating.

5) Tidus

Final Fantasy X

Easily one of the weakest protagonists in the Final Fantasy franchise, Tidus isn’t just an ill-defined, whiny goober, he also happens to have the weakest voice acting in the game. In spite of this, however, Tidus’ heroic journey of love and hope remains one of the most memorable aspects of Final Fantasy X. As such, he gets something of a pass with this middling placement. After all, while Tidus is far from the best protagonist in this franchise, he’s not the worst either.

4) Yuna

The lynchpin of this entire story, Yuna serves a very important role in Final Fantasy X. As the summoner tasked with destroying Sin, and sacrificing her life in the process, she carries a heavy, and selfless, burden. This is shown in her quiet, reserved demeanor, which Tidus chips away at over the course of the adventure. Though she may begin the game as something of a cliche, especially for this series, her journey to embrace life again and find a reason to go on makes for some truly compelling moments. Alas, like Tidus, she’s cursed with one of the weakest voice actors in the game, robbing her character of much of her punch and emotional heft.

3) Kimahri

Strong, silent and stoic, Kimahri remains a mystery for much of Final Fantasy X. Of all of Yuna’s guardians, he appears to be the most out of place. Yet, as the story unravels, he eventually reveals parts of himself and his past at Mt. Gagazet. As a Ronso ousted from his tribe, Kimahri sees himself as disgraced, missing the key goodness of his heart and the strength of his character. Honorable, steadfast and intensely loyal, no guardian is as dedicated to protecting Yuna as he is. In fact, Kimahri even volunteers once to sacrifice his life so that Yuna and the others might live. Though he may be a man-beast of few words, like any great warrior, Kimahri’s valiant actions speak louder than any words could.

2) Lulu

Like Kimahri, Lulu is somewhat taciturn in nature, leaving her as a bit of an enigma in the early parts of the adventure. Fiercely intelligent, practical and pragmatic, the black mage of Final Fantasy X has a soft, loving heart that transcends the somewhat intense nature of her appearance. Like Wakka, Lulu has known Yuna since she was a child, and as such, is incredibly devoted and protective of her. Lulu is the voice of reason in any struggle throughout the adventure, rarely allowing her emotions to cloud her judgment. As such, she might be the most valuable member of Yuna’s guardian crew.

1) Auron

Alas, great as these characters are, only one could come out on top, and that spot has to go to Final Fantasy X‘s ultimate salt and pepper badass: Auron. The only surviving member of the original pilgrimage 10 years ago, Auron is battle-hardened, wryly funny, evocative, and a total ass-kicker. Shouldering a massive sword, even without the use of his arms, the scarred guardian of two summoners can crush almost any foe, piercing their defenses with a single strike. With a fantastic voice actor at the helm of his performance, some of the best lines in the game, and brilliant character design, Auron is easily the standout of Final Fantasy X‘s seven party members.

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Lol I agree dudes a total sjw he hates fact almost every good food player ranks Wakka top

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