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Cartoonist Recreates the Entire Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Line Up in a 1930’s Cuphead Style



If you’re a frequenter of the blog here, you will probably have realised that I am a huge fan of fan-made content and will often try and highlight creators as much as possible. This time around, we are looking at the work from a talented artist by name of Danny Cortes. Cortes took on the behemoth task of drawing every single Super Smash Brothers Ultimate character in the style of 1930’s cartoons and the Cuphead game, which also utilised this style. The result is an absolutely incredible piece of fan art that I would honestly want hanging on my bedroom wall.

What I think is so great about this particular fan art is the time and effort that has clearly gone into replicating each and every Smash Ultimate character- including the Master Hand, all of the DLC characters and Mii fighter outfits (including Cuphead himself). That is a giant project to take on and Cortes absolutely smashes it with each drawing being individual, unique and just plain gorgeous. I don’t think there are any characters here that Cortes doesn’t get to suit that 1930’s style. Even the Fire Emblem and Castlevania characters- which I would have thought were the least suited to it- look amazing in this art style. Some of my favourites here are all of the animal characters like Star Fox, Duck Hunt Dog and Sonic the Hedgehog- they exude that classic Disney look-, Mega-Man- literally looks like he was pulled out of a classic cartoon series- and the Pokémon and Pokémon trainers. They fit this style to utter perfection and I am so impressed with how Daniel has managed to do this with so many characters.

I consider myself a hobbyist artist with cartoon art being my thing and I have to say that I am super jealous of Daniel’s talents. This is the kind of series I would have loved to have drawn but there is no way I would have come anywhere near close to the level of professionalism and pure talent that Cortes has. His work needs so much attention so I’m putting it out there in my small way with this blog. YouTuber CyberWorld 9000 created a video displaying all of Cortes’s Smash character designs- in collaboration with Daniel himself so I will post it above for you to have a look. Make sure to check out Daniel on his social media here: Twitter, Reddit, Linktree.

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