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Breath of The Wild Player Finally Breaks Open The Last “Impossible” Chest In The Game



A well-known member of the Breath of the Wild game community Kleric has achieved an awesome milestone by being the first to break open one of the “impossible” lootable chests within the game. In Breath of the Wild, most of the in-game chests will not respawn and so they can only be opened once. There are also a group of chests that are known for being particularly hard to find, obtainable only via planning, trial and error, and a little bit of game-breaking.  The very last chest was the most difficult of them all but Kleric showed their process and honestly, I have so much respect for the patience and innovative thinking that this must have taken. These chests are kind of like gold dust for video game collectible completionists and Kleric shows us how it’s done with their clever techniques.

Kleric had help from two other users to finally complete the “impossible” chest collection-  EIDuende and LetMeThinkOfAUsername- and there was clearly a ton of hard work and effort put into going about getting to this one last chest. I, for one, am astonished at how these video game speedrunners, completionists, and glitch users are even able to concoct these sorts of plans, let alone put them into action. I continue to be amazed at how they can think outside of the box to do this sort of thing, even if it means breaking the game a little at times. Watch the whole of Kleric’s video to see exactly how they went about getting to that final, elusive chest.  I won’t spoil what is actually in the chest, but I will say that this is the perfect example of how the journey is way more important than the destination.

Make sure to check out Kleric on their YouTube and Twitter for more of their awesome Breath of the Wild content. I will also link their video on how to go about getting the other tricky chests below.

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