Need More Challenge in Animal Crossing? This Crazy Island’s Got You Covered

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a uniquely relaxing game for these challenging times. It’s all about creating your ideal island paradise, escaping from the troubles of the world to make a little paradise for your villagers. But what if that’s too easy for you? What if you need some more urgency, or maybe even a little challenge on your island?

A group of New Horizons players called Shrimp Club has stepped up to provide that challenge for themselves. As shown in a video posted to their Facebook page, they created an island that consists entirely of an intense obstacle course. Filled to the brim with mazes, traps, and roadblocks, this devious island is unlike any Animal Crossing creation we’ve ever seen. To see the craziness for yourself, check out their video below.

The footage moves pretty fast (and is interspersed with a few much-welcome memes as well), so if you have any trouble keeping up with the craziness, we’ve included a full breakdown of the action below.

动森版本的“running man”!让你上山下洞滚床过迷宫!

你的无人岛怎么样了?是不是鱼都钓过了,虫都抓完了?屋子大大间、银行多多钱,开始觉得有点…空虚咧?嘿嘿嘿,告诉你,游戏才刚刚开始!你那个空荡荡的无人岛,在K.K过来开演唱会后,就可以让你自由的改造成一个大大的游乐场啦~你看看BC大叔,把他的岛改成了赛跑岛,不只要赛跑、过迷宫、上山下海、分分钟还要跌陷阱!话说,虾米都不知岛上的居民们会不会不小心困在迷宫里呢?-BC#AnimalCrossingNewHorizon#集合啦动物森友会———————————————————————————–虾米俱乐部是聚集热爱游戏的玩家基地加入我们一起来吹水哈分享游戏的乐趣: 传送门 :

Posted by 马来虾综合游戏频道 on Monday, 20 April 2020

Shrimp Club’s obstacle island starts out with a race, challenging players to zigzag across the edges of the island while avoiding Godzillas, lighthouses, and other roadblocks meant to slow them down. They then have to navigate an extremely elaborate maze that’s chock full of dead ends to get trapped in. After escaping the maze, there’s a field of tires to climb over and rows of haystacks to roll across, along with plenty of pitfalls to avoid falling into along the way. Next, there’s a sequence of pillars to surmount, followed by water to vault across.

And there’s still more! Players then have to climb up ledges and vault across waterfalls in a crisscross pattern, with another makeshift maze to wander through, made up entirely of fish tanks and palmtrees. Next, players need to dig to discover buried treasure, and after completing yet another maze (this time made in the form of a forest), they’ll have to place their buried treasure on a pedestal that matches its color once they reach town. And then, at last, the course is completed.

Is this island ridiculous? Yes, asbolutely. Is it nonetheless extremely creative? Also yes. Shrimp Club’s Chinese-language description of the video says (via Google Translate) that the obstacle course was created after they’d achieved most of the game’s core objectives, when “The room is big, the bank is rich, and I start to feel a little … empty?”

Frankly, I don’t know if there’s any better way to fill the post-game emptiness than to get creative with the tools that the game already gives players. And there’s still plenty more to discover: as Shrimp Club themselves say in the video description, “[T]he game is just beginning!” I for one am certainly excited for what insane creations Shrimp Club makes next.

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