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A Winner Is You Podcast Episode 11: Sea of Solitude



We’re taking a well-earned break from all the shooting this week as we, ugh, push the boat out into the Sea of Solitude. You may think that game is a huge departure from our usual fare, and you’d be right – David accidentally picked this game, and we still don’t know what he mistook it for.

Let nobody say we aren’t committed, though (unless your game is Narita Boy), as we plowed on through the literal and figurative storms in Jo-Mei Games’ 2019 puzzle-platformer, and now we’re here to discuss it.

We chat about the mechanics of the game, its various metaphorical representations of mental health, the cast of characters and how empathetic they made us feel, and whether any game should really try and cover mental health issues when they can be so personal and subjective.

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