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The Hogwarts Legacy DLC We Want to See Most

There is so much more Hogwarts Legacy can still offer with DLC in the future.



Despite its heaps of controversy, Hogwarts Legacy is a colossal success. Before the game was even released, players with early access codes and 72-hour early access to the game upon pre-ordering, Hogwarts Legacy broke streaming records as the most streamed single-player game, ever. Since then, Hogwarts Legacy has demolished the record previously held by the 2001 video game Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, as the highest-selling Harry Potter game. 

Its gigantic success brought new life into the franchise and exceeded any and all expectations, leaving fans clambering for more. As impressive and as huge as the game is, however, there are still plenty of awesome additions to the game that we would love to see. Currently, there are no plans for DLC, but due to the popularity of the game, a DLC or confirmation of a sequel is inevitable. So without further ado, here are some possible DLC ideas that should be added to Hogwarts Legacy.


Quidditch Hogwarts Legacy DLC
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The most obvious DLC expansion that Hogwarts Legacy players desired even before the game launched was quidditch. Upon the game’s release, players were disappointed that they could not play this intense and incredibly dangerous fictional sport at all. Even if the Hogwarts Legacy did explain why Quidditch is not included during the game’s first broomstick lessons, players were still disappointed by its lack of inclusion. Players can ride brooms around the expansive open world to their heart’s content, so why can’t we play Quidditch? Add it as an online mode, Portkey Games!

The Triwizard Tournament

Triwizard, Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy DLC
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire introduces audiences to the whimsical and extremely dangerous Triwizard Tournament, a series of deadly challenges that students from competing wizarding schools must survive if they wish to hold the Triwizard cup. Who wouldn’t want to test their skill in the deadly Triwizard Tournament? Sure, due to players joining Hogwarts as fifth-year students, we are just a couple of years off from actually competing, but if Portkey Games decides to make more content around our player’s future at Hogwarts, we could very well be able to compete in the Triwizard Tournament for some potentially game-changing rewards.


Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Have you ever wanted to demolish your friends in a duel in the Harry Potter universe? Have you ever wanted to go on magical adventures with your pals, discovering secrets and battling enemies, ala Harry, Ron, and Hermoine style? Well, we certainly have, and we think adding multiplayer to Hogwarts Legacy will allow for plenty more opportunities and more importantly for Warner Bros., video game sales. Adding multiplayer to the game would also make both Quidditch and the Triwizard Tournament a lot more fun, as players compete with their friends for the Snitch and the Triwizard cup.

As awesome as this would be, however, it is highly unlikely that Hogwarts Legacy will add multiplayer as the developers have remained committed to building a single-player experience. We can dream, though!

New Locations

Hogwarts Express, Train
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Hogwarts is undeniably the most iconic location in the Harry Potter universe, however, the Wizarding World is full of plenty more iconic locations that Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t yet touched upon. Sure, the open world is ginormous, but we as players are greedy, and we just want more to run around in that we recognize. 

Specifically, locations like Diagon Alley, the Ministry of Magic, and even a fully explorable Azkaban and Gringotts Bank, would be incredible additions to Hogwarts Legacy. Besides, the game already has the Hogwarts Express, so why not allow players to jump on board the train and travel to Kings Cross station and more iconic locations of their choosing?

More Spells

Spells Hogwarts Legacy DLC
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The roster of spells offered in Hogwarts Legacy is huge. With 27 spells including Accio, Incendio, Expelliarmus, Wingardium Leviosa, and Avada Kedavra, there are numerous combos and spells to have fun with. But, of course, we just want more. Spells like Riddikulus, Obliviate, and even Expecto Patronum would be brilliant additions to the game, with Expecto Patronum allowing the player to customize their Patronus and deal a ton of damage, if not an instant kill.

More Magical Beasts

Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Hogwarts Legacy beams with numerous species of magical beasts. From Nifflers, a Phoenix and even some rideable Hippogriffs. But there are still some magical beasts in the Harry Potter universe that we would love to tame and ride through the vast open world. Mainly whilst they are dragons in the game we can’t actually tame or ride one, at least not without a few mods. Additionally, beasts like Ashwinders and Bogarts would also be some beasts to add to our collection.

More Side Quests

Side Quests
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

As we have previously touched upon, Hogwarts Legacy is a ginormous video game, with an intricate and large open world to explore. While exploring the world or most notably Hogwarts, players will come across side quests in the form of relationship quests; which focus on overarching stories, separate from the main story. For example, players get to go on side quests with the likes of Natty the Gryffindor student, Poppy from Hufflepuff, and the endearing Slytherin student the internet lost their mind over, Sebastian Sallow. However, there are plenty more stories we would love to explore.

Natty is revealed to be an Animagus and we could potentially learn how to be an Animagus also. Slytherin has a lot of compelling characters in the game, and we would love to spend more time with the Slytherin heart-throb Sebastian, we would love to learn more about Ominis’ tragic past. Perhaps we could also discover the Chamber of Secrets at one point–it may break Harry Potter canon, but we would love nothing more than to explore the Chambers!

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