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‘Splatoon 2’ Fans Are Inking Their Own In-Game Artwork



The original Splatoon on the Wii U became renowned for its memes thanks to its Miiverse support, which allowed players to draw detailed artwork and display it in the game world. The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have Miiverse, however, Splatoon 2 has its own in-game drawing tool and some of the users have taken to it like a squid in ink.

Our fellow Da Vinci’s can be found in the Splatoon 2’s lobby, where interacting with them will display their masterpiece to you. GitHub’s shinyquagsire23 has already created a reverse-engineered HORI Pokken fight stick that is compatible with Splatoon 2’s creation tool. The stick allows the user to print images pixel-by-pixel, avoiding the Switch’s direction pad to draw your post (considerably more difficult without the Wii U’s stylus). Basically, the Switch is tricked into thinking a pro-pad is attached, although it’s really a custom device programmed to enter in the correct sequence of movements and button presses. It sounds more complicated than it is!

Some of the images have some remarkable detail, with even a touch of realism added. Here are some of the best ones so far:

Senescent presents his own face, via twitter. Anyone remember the Reef Blower episode? Calamari recipes everywhere. Solid advice from the community. Reditter ScorelessPine has realized the situation.

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