Creator Reflects on 20 Years of Pokémon Coverage

by Marc Kaliroff

On Monday, October 21st, the most recognized fansite dedicated to all Pokémon related news coverage, game guides, and documentation turned 20 years old. Website creator Joe Merrick took to Twitter to reveal a heartfelt picture of his Pokémon Center Store plush of iconic website mascot Celebi – the legendary Pokémon who debuted in Gold & Silver for the Game Boy Color – sitting alongside two cupcakes with lit numbered candles and a standard poké ball.

“It’s really hard to even comprehend how long it has been going. The site has grown from nothing to such crazy levels to hit hundreds of thousands of people every day,” Merrick tweeted with the photo below.

Anniversary image from Joe Merrick’s Twitter page

“I personally want to thank literally each and every one of you for visiting the site over the years. Without each of you the site would be nothing. Every time I meet any person who uses the site, either at Worlds, an event or when crossing the street it really warms my heart,” he continued in a thread.

“Thank you all once again for using the site over the past 20 years. As Serebii is essentially a one-man show (barring my translators an PotW writers), it’s a lot of work and it means the world to me that you continue to use it I will do my best to keep up the quality of the site.”

Merrick has continually kept up constant communication with fans across Twitter throughout his history on the website, but he has specifically spent today sharing thank you notes and various features about the site’s earliest history. The photo shared below by Merrick was in response to a follower’s request to see if the creator had any screenshots of the site’s earliest revisions from over the years. Below you can see how the site looked during its original 2.0 overhaul from early on in the year 2000.

Image of the 2.0 Version of from Joe Merrick’s Twitter page

If your a Pokémon fan who has never so happened to visit, we highly recommend you correct that mistake and check it out with the link right here. For instant updates from the site and updates from creator Joe Merrick, you can follow both of them individually here and here directly on Twitter.

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