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Relic Becomes Independent From Sega



Relic Becomes Independent From Sega

Relic Entertainment recently declared its separation from Sega, aiming to be an independent studio. With backing from an external investor, Relic emphasizes its commitment to crafting extraordinary experiences for its gamers. The transition to independence is marked by gratitude towards Sega, acknowledging the significant support and guidance through the years and during this pivotal shift. Despite the business separation, Relic vows to maintain a cordial relationship with Sega.

The studio reassures fans about the ongoing support for its existing titles published by Sega. This includes “Company of Heroes 3,” which is set to receive the 1.6 update this April. Relic’s move towards independence reflects its desire to innovate and grow while preserving its core mission of delivering engaging gaming experiences.

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Relic’s journey into independence underlines an exciting chapter for the company, promising to keep the essence of its games alive while exploring new horizons.

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