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NXpress Podcast 63: ‘Pokemon Go’ and 35 Years of Donkey Kong



July 9 marked the 35th anniversary of one of the true milestones in video gaming history. On that fateful date in 1981, the original cabinet version of Nintendo’s seminal Donkey Kong arrived in North American. The game was an enduring smash in its own right and the starting point for multiple gaming franchises. It not only brought financial success to Nintendo, but provided a key breakthrough into the Western video game market and introduced the world to Nintendo’s mascot, Mario. As a franchise, Donkey Kong is still going strong, too, with the most recent release, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, being one of the best platformers ever made. To celebrate the ape’s many achievements, we decided to dedicate our main event this week to the DK series, and share our fondest memories and favourite games. Joining us is Goomba Stomp writer, and Donkey Kong expert, Ricardo Rodriguez.




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00:00: Donkey Kong Country Animated TV Series Clip
01:00: Intro
02:00: Nintendosage: Pokemon Go follow-up
30:00: Jimmy Castor Bunch – “King Kong”
31:00: Main Event: 35 Years of Donkey Kong
60:00: Donkey Kong Rap

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