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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #52: Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality and the Problem with Review Scores





Virtual Reality is generating a lot of headlines right now. However there is a misconception that Virtual Reality is a new technology, whereas what we’re seeing now is the commercialisation of a long-established concept. This week we discuss the future of VR and compare it to augmented reality and whether or not Nintendo should experiment with either format. In our opening segment we debate whether review scores are arbitrary and meaningless, or important to criticism of any medium, specifically video games.


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Episode Playlist

00:00: Intro
01:00: Nintendosage: The problem with review scores
24:00: Virtual Boy commercial 
25:00: Lawnmower Man clip
26:00: The Main Event: Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality 
60:00: The Matrix clip
62:00: Outro

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