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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #45: Celebrating 20 years of Pokemon

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February 27th marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, with Pokémon Red and Blue releasing in Japan, starting a massive franchise that has gone on to become one of video games’ biggest. To celebrate, we here at the NXpress are dedicating an entire episode to catching them all, or at least talking about it. To help with all pokémadness, our resident pokéxpert Tim is joined by Goomba Stomp contributors and fellow pokénuts Jason Krell and Serebii.net mod Sarah Luger to talk about favorite generations, best Pokémon (how that guy made of garbage didn’t get picked is beyond me), competitive play, and everything Pokémon in between. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or someone looking to learn more about the franchise, it’s a must-listen episode. Enjoy!


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Episode Playlist

01:00: Pokemon commercial
01:00: Intro
02:00: Nintendosage: Pokemon background check
25:00: Pokemon
26:00: Pokemon theme song
26:00: The Main Event: 25 years of Pokemon
89:00: Pokemon theme song
90:00: Outro

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