NXpress Nintendo Podcast #44: Virtual Reality, Gametrailers and ‘The Wonderful 101’

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Wonderful 102

This week on the NXpress podcast, we bring you a full review of one of our favourite games on the Wii U.

Wonderful is certainly an apt word to use when describing Hideki Kamiya’s The Wonderful 101. Developed by Platinum Games, The Wonderful 101 draws upon other Hideki Kamiya titles like Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and Devil May Cry, as well as Japanese TV shows like Kamen Rider, Power Rangers and Ultraman. The Wonderful 101 is an ambitious, funny, and inventive game and one we believe is criminally underrated, and we are here to tell you why. But first, Matt De Azevedo joins us to discuss the sudden closing of the popular gaming website, GameTrailers.com. All this and more!


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Episode Playlist

01:00: Intro
02:00: Nintendosage: NX rumours and Pokemon characters
Nintendo commercial
26:00: The Main Event: The closing of GameTrailers.com
48:00: The Wonderful 101 trailer
49:00: Bonus Content: The Wonderful 101 review
66:00: The Wonderful 101 theme song

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