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How to Make Money From Streaming Games Online?



Streaming Games Online

Are you an average gamer looking to show off your killer bee moves or are you a pro gamer finally taking the risk to play for the hope of it all? If you have a gaming setup and a fun personality, you should totally switch gears and jump into the world of streaming games online. Its not just a fun side hobby but can also make up for a great side hustle with loads of money if you know how to do it correctly! 

According to CyberGhost, Twitch gaming streamers can earn income from 5 to 15% of their viewers. For example, if you are a gaming streamer and your average number of viewers is around 1000, you can earn around $5,000 per month, and if you have approximately 10,000 viewers, you can earn around $30,000 monthly. Now, you may think it’s just about the average viewers you are getting, but that’s not it. In fact, a lot goes behind maintaining your consistency on the platform. In the detailed guide today, we’ll explain how you can make money from streaming games online!

Different Ways to Make Money From Streaming Online! 

For the most part, you can easily make money online as a successful streamer. You may start with just a few dollars a month, but as you grow in the streaming industry, you can earn enough money to earn a living from your steady income. However, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, consistency, and effort to reach that level. The different strategies that you can follow to make money from streaming online. 

AD Revenue 

Many streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube allow streamers to monetize their content through ads. However, there is an eligibility criteria that you should meet to enable ads on your gaming streams. The revenue you earn will be based on the number of views and engagement you have, but it won’t be a lot initially. You can only earn so much money from running a few ads during your broadcast. Eventually, the platform you are streaming on will start offering you incentives for completing the “view and engagement” targets. 

Donations & Tips 

After streaming for a while, once you have a community that loves your content and wants to see more of it, they will be willing to make donations for your streaming. Though donations and tips are not guaranteed, it completely depends on the engaging content you’re providing to your subscribers and their generosity. Many streaming platforms like Twitch have integrated donation systems, making it easy for subscribers to leave donations/ tips. 


If you have established yourself as a pro gamer with a huge fan base and popularity, you have the potential to attract sponsorships and deals from big brands. Through these partnerships, you can earn a good amount of money and increase your engagement on the platform. It is not necessary that all partnerships will offer you money, some can also offer you valuable products for exchanging or endorsing their baby.   

Wrapping Up 

Having a successful streaming career will require a lot of persistence, time, effort, and consistency from your end. Always produce high-quality content, engage with your audience, promote your work consistently, and always believe in organic growth. 

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