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Game Boys, Ep. 18: Tempered Iron and Expectations



Outrageous player expectation can interfere with the reception of perfectly decent games.  This week on Game Boys, Tim and Ryan look at one game that’s divided the gaming community, Destiny, as Bungie reveals the next expansion planned for the game, Rise of Iron.  Then they dedicate a segment to speculate about Overwatch‘s generally positive reception, compared to games that didn’t receive quite the same treatment.  Finally, the expectation conversation continues as they discuss E3, what they’re looking forward to, what they’re tired of, and they’re overall opinions on the state of the expo.  Listen in, you can expect a great episode with this one!

Tim’s Destiny Article

Tim’s Kingdom Hearts Article

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Game Boys is a podcast dedicated entirely to co-op gaming. Its regular hosts, Tim and Ryan, have been gaming together for roughly eighteen years, and have dedicated countless hours to finding the best cooperative games of all varieties, whether in person “couch” co-op games, online only, or anything in between.