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EA Faces Setback as Battlefield Director Marcus Lehto Departs



EA Faces Setback as Battlefield Director Marcus Lehto Departs

In a surprising turn of events, the upcoming Battlefield game has hit a significant roadblock. Marcus Lehto, the director at Ridgeline Games, which was in charge of the single-player aspect of future Battlefield titles, has parted ways with EA. This departure casts uncertainty on the future of Ridgeline Games and the direction of the Battlefield series.

Ridgeline Games, under Lehto’s leadership, aimed to revitalize the Battlefield franchise with a strong single-player experience. Lehto, known for his work on the Halo series, brought a wealth of experience and was seen as a key figure in driving the success of EA’s flagship first-person shooter.

The news of Battlefield director Lehto’s exit was spotted by DannyonPC, who noted that Lehto had removed all mentions of his association with Battlefield from his social media profiles. Although it’s unclear if Ridgeline Games will continue its operations, Lehto confirmed his departure on Facebook, leaving fans and the industry pondering the future of the Battlefield series.

EA had high hopes for the Battlefield franchise, especially after the mixed reactions to Battlefield 2042. The company planned to introduce more single-player content, with Lehto at the helm of the newly formed Ridgeline Games since late 2022. His departure could potentially impact the development of the franchise’s single-player narrative, an area where Dice’s recent efforts have been lacking.

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Despite this setback, EA still has several teams, including Criterion Games, working on the Battlefield franchise. However, with Ridgeline Games and Lehto’s focused contribution to the single-player experience now in question, the series’ future direction remains uncertain. EA is reportedly aiming for a late 2025 release for the next major entry in the series, but whether it can achieve its former glory without Lehto’s guidance is yet to be seen.

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