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Build-A-Bear and Animal Crossing Are Teaming in the World’s Cutest Collab



This news does feels like it has been a long time coming as there were various teasers on social media to suggest that this partnership was going to become a reality at some point but we now have confirmation that Build-A-Bear is going to be releasing a line of plush products based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This is a partnership that is sure to attract a lot of attention due to the huge popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons– released in March 2020 for the Nintendo Switch- and its cast of cute and cuddly animal characters. There isn’t much official news in regards to the New Horizons line of toys yet but you can head over to the Build- A-Bear website and sign up for their newsletter here to keep up to date on any information when it is released. This isn’t the first time that Build-A-Bear have teamed up with a popular video game franchise as they previously worked alongside Pokémon to create some plushies for the likes of the cuter Pokémon such as Pikachu, Eeevee, Mew, Squirtle and more.

So, what villagers could possibly be getting a plush with this collaboration? Well, the more obvious ones are probably the popular characters that represent the franchise the best such as Isabelle- the helpful puppy assistant who is arguably the most popular character in the entire franchise, even making it into Super Smash Brothers alongside the playable Villager. K.K. Slider- the guitar playing pup that has shown up in every Animal Crossing game to date is highly likely too thanks to his popularity. As long as he gets a little plush guitar with him too, then I’m happy. Raccoon business mogul Tom Nook is likely as well (even though he is basically the devil who just wants your hard earned bells) and his two adorable twins Timmy and Tommy. They aren’t quite as cold hearted as their father so I’m probably leaning towards wanting them more than the raccoon who is determined to make my life a living nightmare. I think some of the bear cub villagers could be likely too- due to the whole Build-A-Bear brand beginning with the concept of the traditional teddy bear- so characters like Pekoe and Maple could be possible. That being said, they’re not quite as well-known as other villagers. Who knows what characters will get chosen for the Build-A-Bear crossover? All I know is that as long as the plushies are cute and cuddly, I am here for it.

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