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All codes available for January 2024



Are you looking for some brand new codes as a freebie in Robux on Roblox? Rest assured! Because in our guide, we are going to give a walkthrough to get your hands on all codes available for January 2024 with super easy steps.

So, don’t sleep on it and read it till the end to get the latest codes this year!

All About

Firstly, let’s decode what exactly is and where can we find them for all our new gamers out there!

Well, is a website where you can use a working code and also your Roblox username to get free Robux. Sounds exciting, right?

And cherry on top is that you don’t have to enter any private details of yours for the same.

Just keep a note that each code can only be used by one person, and you can’t share it. So, use it once and wisely!

Getting Codes: A Simple Guide:

Now, let’s jump to our main question that you must be eager to know – how to get codes? So, without further ado, let’s begin!

To get your hands on codes, you have to follow Hazem on social media. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Twitter. They often share their latest codes in tweets or in the responses of their fans.

So, take your binoculars and keep an eye on their YouTube and TikTok videos, as codes may be present over there. Just follow the below accounts for any future updates regarding latest codes:







And most importantly, turn on your notifications to be ahead of your rivals and act quickly, as this code is time-limited and won’t be available for longer use. So act quickly, gamers!

Current Codes Status:

As of now, there are no working codes for available currently. But still, I would say to keep a sharp eye on any updates from the developers that can be released with new codes very soon.

Just stay tuned by following the mentioned social media handles to get the latest updates on codes.

Easy Steps to Redeem Codes:

So, here are easy steps to follow to redeem codes. Just follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. First, go to Hazem’s official website.

2. Second, fill in the “Code” box with a valid code.

3. Third, log in to your Roblox account and copy your username.

4. Fourth, paste your username into the “Roblox Username” field.

5. Lastly, just click on the “Redeem” button.

And here, congratulations, you get your freebies!

Keep a note that once the code has already been used, you will see a message. In that case, just wait for a new code or try a different code you have.

Additional Ways to Get Codes:

The Twitter and other profiles mentioned social media handles, mainly haz3m and secrethazem, are the very important sources for codes.

Plus, you can also stay tuned by joining their official Discord server for daily updates and code notifications. And do stay tuned to our articles too for the latest updates on our site!

Wrapping Up:

So, that’s all from the side! We wish you luck to get ample codes for your adventurous gaming journey.

Keep gaming and thanks for reading!

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