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A Winner Is You Podcast Episode 39: Wolfenstein 3D + Medal of Honor: Frontline



Ah, it’s time to relax and you know what that means. A glass of wine, your favorite easy chair. And, of course, this podcast playing on your home stereo. It’s the first of our double feature episodes – two smaller(ish) games with a tenuous link crammed together for double the listening pleasure.

In May 2022, ID Software’s seminally splendid shooter Wolfenstein 3D turns 30 years-old. For part one of the episode, we discuss its cultural impact, its development, its relevance today, and whether it’s still worth playing.

The second birthday this month is that of EA’s (boo) Medal of Honor: Frontline, as it hits the big 2-0. We had a surprisingly refreshing time with this one, as it feels very of its time in a good way (mostly). There’s still plenty of time for gripes, but the importance of this game is not to be dismissed.

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