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9 Tips to Boost Your Valorant Rank Faster



Valorant Boosting

You’re here because you’re playing Valorant and you’re looking for ways to improve your rank. This means that you’re familiar with what the rank means. You want to show your skill and your rank in matches.

You can stay in Iron, move up a bit to Bronze, or even be in the Diamond rank, but the top-notch Valorant boosting service should get you to the top ranks. We’re not saying you’ll be in the Immortal rank, but these tips will surely help you persevere and push further.

  1. Improve on Aim and Reflexes

Some aim trainers can help you practice your aim and improve your reflexes. Of course, you can always keep playing before you get better. But, we found that there’s a much larger success rate when dueling if you’ve practiced your aim.

  1. Memorizing Maps

In Valorant, when you know the map well, you’ve done half of the preparation for any match. It’s very important to study the maps to identify chokepoints. A chokepoint is an area where players frequently engage, it’s a narrow area. There are two more things you can study:

  • Sightlines: These are the lines of sight of the players in Valorant. You can toggle them when you enter observer mode, but you would need to create a custom match for that. Anyway, you can use them to study what the other players see.
  • Hiding spots: During the match, try to memorize where your opponents are hiding, and think about the places you would hide. This will give you an advantage and help you secure more kills.
  1. Effective Communication

Teamplay is everything in Valorant. The more you’re in sync with your team, the more likely you’re going to win. So, communicate with the team clearly through voice or text chat to strategize and call out enemy positions.

  1. Diverse Agents

There are 23 agents in Valorant, and each of them has unique abilities, learning how to play with only one agent will do you no good in boosting your rank. You need to try to understand as many agents as possible.

Be diverse because there are 8 different game modes in Valorant, and the agent selection should depend on them and on the map that you’re playing. There are 4 roles, try to choose based on your needs:

  • Duelist: As a Duelist, you’ll be at the forefront, and the rest of the team will rely on you to clear the path for the rest of the team. You’re a primary attacker, as it says in the description, you “give the enemy a mouthful of knuckles.”
  • Initiator: Being an Initiator means that you’ll be getting enemies out of their hiding spots and starting attaches on the site. Stir the pot, break open the site, and start pushing through.
  • Sentinel: As a Sentinel, your role is to keep the site secure and maintain distance between the opponents and the site. It’s a defensive position. Fortify the territory with traps.
  • Controller: Controllers provide awesome assists to their team members when they force enemies into choke points. You’re trying to control the battlefield to fit the plans of your team.
  1. Learn By Watching

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to just watch and learn. When you look through streams or tournaments, or even tutorial videos from other great players, you might catch something good they’re doing and try to apply it in your gameplay.

  1. Fortify Your Mind

Playing Valorant can be frustrating at the beginning when you have little experience. That’s why you need to be mentally resilient so that you can continue playing and boost your rank faster. If you stop playing every time you get mad, chances are you’re getting nowhere with your rank.

  1. Consistent Play

This tip is based on the previous one. Be a consistent player, don’t give up, play regularly, and your rank will start increasing faster as your skills naturally get better and better. For Valorant, it’s the long game you’re playing.

  1. Exercise Before Matches

Practice always makes perfect, so organize a few matches with your friends before you continue into the “real world” of Valorant. Let them help get your game on, and then you’ll get a fast rank-up once you’re ready.

  1. Reflect on Finished Matches

Making thorough feedback on your performance will help you improve in the next game. You can easily identify a pattern of what you might have been doing wrong and rectify it to make yourself a great player and valuable team member.


So, to boost your rank in Valorant faster, you need to first take it slow and use every trick in the book you can. Practice your aim and reflexes, study the agent types diversly, and learn the maps as much as possible. Always reflect on your previous games and try to improve.

Hopefully this article helps. Keep gaming guys 😉

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