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PS5 Slim Custom Built By YouTuber

At only 1.9cm tall, it’s hard not to be impressed by this custom PS5 Slim console!



In an impressive display of craftsmanship, YouTuber DIY Perks has successfully created the world’s first PS5 Slim. In a 30-minute YouTube video published on June 19th, DIY Perks meticulously explores the challenges associated with transforming the current beast of a PS5 into something far more compact, and the project did not come without its own difficulties.

PS5 Slim console created by YouTuber DIY Perks being measured against a ruler showing the custom console is only 1.9cm high.
Image: DIY Perks

For starters, the console’s cooling system and power supply are far too bulky, so are removed and an entirely custom-built water cooling system is carefully constructed to replace the former. For the latter, however, there isn’t really a solution apart from mounting it on a large power pack outside the main PS5 Slim console. It’s definitely bending the rules a little but definitely doesn’t take away from how incredible the final product is overall.

The most exciting thing is that the PS5 Slim console actually works! After solving some technical difficulties and the console overheating and having to use a replacement motherboard, the video shows the finished product running Horizon Forbidden West without any immediate issues. It’s hard to say what the longevity of this DIY PS5 Slim console would be, but for a proof of concept, it’s a seriously good piece of kit.

YouTuber DIY Perks' PS5 Slim console running Horizon Forbidden West.
Image: DIY Perks

In the video, DIY Perks explains that the main issue with creating a PS5 Slim is having to work with a version of the console that isn’t optimized for lower power consumption. Usually, when PlayStation releases slim variants of their consoles, these consoles are specifically designed to use less power which in turn reduces the bulkiness of the product. Having to make do with a power-hungry beast like the standard PS5 certainly made things difficult, but not impossible.

The full video is linked below to see the entire process of making the PS5 Slim and make sure to subscribe to DIY Perks’ YouTube channel to see more content like this. For the latest PlayStation 5 news on Goomba Stomp, check out our coverage of The Last of Us Part I which comes to PS5 on September 2nd!

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