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Father of Three Unearths Rare Pokémon Card Collection



Collectables from the 90’s aren’t too difficult to stumble upon these days due to the ever increasing demand for nostalgia but if you’re lucky, you might happen upon a valuable throwback that could earn you some cash (if you’re not nostalgic enough to cling to them forever that is). That is exactly what happened with UK dad Nigel Brookes who has been hanging onto a pristine, encased Pokémon card collection now worth up to £35,000 (around $44,667).

Surprisingly, Nigel was not a Pokémon fan as a child.  His brother, Jeremy, was the fan of the franchise that was almost tricked out of his beloved Pokémon cards. Nigel defended his brother and so his mum rewarded him by giving him a present: a complete set of rare Pokémon cards neatly cased and all the way from America.

“I knew straight away that what these kids had done is told Jeremy their cards were better and traded them with him for his cards, which were really rare. My brother was really sad about it and when our mum found out, being the big brother, she wanted me to sort it out.

And sort it out he did. Not that he was that fussed by his generous reward as- like I said- he didn’t care for Pokémon. Nigel’s story would have a happy ending further down the line though. His brotherly care eventually led Nigel to find himself in the possession of a collection of rare Pokémon cards considered to be worth between £25,000 and £35,000. It may have taken twenty years but good things come to those who wait.

The cards will be going up for auction on July 27th at the Lichfield Auction Centre and they are sure to attract some worldwide attention. Good for you Nigel. We salute you.

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