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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 213: Tales from the Backlog, Super Meat Boy Forever, and More



Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever Review

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, the next generation of hosts, Cameron Daxon, Campbell Gill, and Marc Kaliroff give their impressions of a wide range of games for the final episode of 2020. The gang starts out by diving into all the games in their backlog they’ve been playing over the holiday break, including Paper Mario: The Origami King, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Breath of the Wild, and Ni no Kuni. After that, Campbell and Cameron review the recently released indie gem When the Past was Around, which Campbell praises as one of his favorite games of the year while Cameron feels a little less enthusiastic.

Marc then takes the spotlight to review the long-awaited Super Meat Boy Forever, a great game that might prove divisive to fans of the original. This follow-up to the legendarily difficult Super Meat Boy may be an autorunner, but Marc praises it for its tight gameplay, plentiful secrets to discover, and loving tributes to gaming history. Lastly, Campbell closes out the show with an indie spotlight on Olija, the latest release from Devolver Digital which continues the publisher’s winning streak of stylish pixelated action games.

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Main event: When the Past was Around and Super Meat Boy Forever Reviews
Paper Mario: The Origami King Soundtrack
Indie Spotlight: Olija
Devolver Digital Theme Song

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