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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 120: Was 2017 Nintendo’s Best Year?



On the very last NXpress Nintendo Podcast episode of 2017, the crew looks back at Nintendo’s hugely successful year and debates if this was indeed the best year Nintendo has ever had. We look back at Nintendo’s financial success, the number of games released, the hardware, the quality, the quantity and so much more. In addition, Ricky reviews three new indie games released on the Switch starting with Overcooked, a super fun cooking simulation game developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17, as well as Brawlout, a 2D brawler that shares a lot in common with Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series – and finally the breakdancing rhythm game Floor Kids, a labour of love from Montreal-based duo JonJon and DJ Kid Koala. Joining us this week is Nintendo Editor, James Baker.


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