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NXpress #21: Pax Prime and a look back at ‘Super Mario Sunshine’




Super Mario Sunshine Podcast Review

It was a brave move on the part of Nintendo to launch the GameCube without a Mario game. Instead, Mario’s younger sibling took the spotlight in a new series Luigi’s Mansion. It was six years after Super Mario 64 was released that Nintendo gave us Super Mario Sunshine. This week, we take a look back on Mario’s summer getaway, but before we talk about the beautiful tropical island of Delfino and the silver brush-wielding Mario, we have a full report on PAX Prime. Shovel Knight, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Runbow and Oddworld are just some of the many other games we discuss. It’s a crowded house this week as PopOptiq writers Patrick Murphy and Ryan Kapioski join us. 


00:00: Super Mario Sunshine Intro
00:30: Intro
01:00: Nintendosage: Shovel Knight amiibo, Nindoroids, New 3DS model and Xenoblade Chronicles X
16:00: Super Mario Sunshine Theme Song
17:00: The Main Event: PAX Prime review/recap
58:00: Super Mario Sunshine commercial
59:00: Post Game Content: Super Mario Sunshine review
82:00: Super Furry Animals – “Hello Sunshine”
83:00: Outro 

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