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Next Xbox Will Be a Reference Design for Third-Party Manufacturers



Next Xbox Will Be a Reference Design for Third-Party Manufacturers

Microsoft is planning a significant shift for its next Xbox console. According to Jez Corden, the upcoming Xbox will serve as a reference design for third-party manufacturers. This means companies like ASUS and MSI may build their versions of the console once they get the necessary certification from Microsoft.

Corden mentioned that the new Xbox will have a strong Windows integration, much like the Surface Pro 11 serves as a reference device for AI PCs. This approach could allow the Xbox to run a broader range of games, potentially including those available on Steam and previously exclusive PlayStation titles.

This strategy aligns with Microsoft’s broader vision of making Xbox games accessible across various platforms. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently confirmed plans to release Xbox first-party games on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. This move could signify Microsoft’s gradual exit from the hardware market, focusing instead on software and gaming services.

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The new Xbox is expected to be available in multiple versions, including a handheld model that supports both native gaming and cloud gaming. While details are still emerging, the promise of the largest technical leap in console history has the gaming community eagerly awaiting more information.