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How To Maximize My Nintendo: Getting 1000 Platinum Points in Two Days



With yesterday’s release of both Miitomo and My Nintendo, Wii U and 3DS lovers everywhere are clamoring to rack up as many platinum points as possible to get the expensive and coveted rewards of Twilight Princess Picross or Warioware: Touched. That being said, many players are having a hard time getting to that 1,000 coin marker, leading them to believe this will be a long and arduous process that will require many Miitomo hours. Have no fear Nintendo fans; it is only day 2 and players have already gotten to that level. Here are a few simple tricks to make those Miitomo friends, complete those missions, get those platinum points, and redeem those games:

Link Your Accounts
This one is a no-brainer; all you have to do is link your social media accounts to both your Nintendo account and your Miitomo character. Start with your Nintendo account: go to settings, hit linked accounts, and then add your Google+, Facebook, and Twitter information. Next, move over to Miitomo: go to friends, hit add friends, then enter your Twitter and Facebook. While you are at it, link your My Nintendo and Miitomo account together. These simple steps will help you rack up those points quickly, giving you 330 points for very little work. Are you worried about your personal information or weird “ghost” posts that could come from the app? Just create “dummy accounts” that will only be used for Nintendo-related products (for example,

Click the Block on the My Nintendo Website
Have you noticed that Mario brick-block in the bottom right-hand corner of the My Nintendo page? Have  you clicked it? Do it! Then, scroll up to the top and click your character, who should be holding something. Your Mii will then bounce all over the screen, and you will collect coins while you tap him. Easy money, and a classic Nintendo website easter egg. Hopefully they include more of these in the future; keep your eyes open folks!
Get your Weekly Log-in Bonus
After clicking your character, notice the coins that are laying on the ground next to your character. These are your weekly log-in bonus coins, which are Nintendo’s way of saying thanks for checking out and using our service. Continue to collect these as the weeks go on. Thanks Nintendo!

Check your Email
If you had a Club Nintendo (RIP) account, check the email address that was linked to it (as well as the spam box) for a Miitomo-related email that is slowly starting to be distributed. It should be titled “Miitomo, My Nintendo, and Bonus Platinum Points.” In this letter, Nintendo graciously included a download code worth 200 points for former Club Nintendo users. Receive this bonus on the My Nintendo site by selecting the “redeem a point code” option on the toolbar.

Create Your Miitomo Network
Let’s face it, adding friends and people on Miitomo is hard, especially if your gaming contacts are relatively limited, but there are a few options available to players that will allow for the creation of a huge social network in no time at all. To start, go to a Reddit Nintendo community, namely r/miitomo, and post your twitter account handle for others to add. Add them back and spend some time going through the list to find some others who have kindly posted their accounts as well. This is where having a dummy account will be beneficial, especially if you are worried about privacy. After you have added them on Twitter, hit “find friends from Twitter” from in-game and send out some friend requests. After a few requests get approved, check your “suggested friends” box and fire off a few to those people as well. This will create a chain reaction that will lead to a number of requests. On a side note, this will defeat a bit of the game’s purpose, as it was meant to be used between friends who actually know each other, but the game will still retain all of its value and functions (though a bit of the emotional connection will be lost).

Play the Game
To really rack up those daily points, Nintendo simply wants you to play Miitomo. Now remember, getting points in the game requires a few things: answering questions, getting hearts, receiving comments, listening to friends, and changing clothes. To start, answer your questions in a witty or funny manner and encourage dialogue. Boring posts are often ignored, and engaging posts will be memorable and serve to make the game more interesting and fun for other players. Also, reply to comments that are given to your answers; people are way more likely to engage in a conversation that has already started. This will encourage people to look at your posts more often as they start to bond with your Mii. Listen to your friend’s answers, and do not forget to heart and post on their comments too! Miitomo seems to work as a karma machine, and those who are most involved seem to get the most involvement back, so always work to create friends and give back what you get! Lastly, change your clothes on a daily basis; it is really easy to do! Just buy a shirt and equip it, then change it as a habit every day. By following these guidelines and repeating on a daily basis, you should net around 35 points every single day!


Ultimately, if fans have completed all these steps and participated since day one, they should be somewhere around 1105 points right now, totally able to receive their first game from My Nintendo. From here on they will have to make the tough decision between Twilight Princess Picross or Warioware: Touched, or they could make the long-term decision and save those coins for future reward updates. It is hard to know where the reward system will go from here, but no matter what, it looks as though it has a bright future! Good luck out there! What rewards are you saving up for?

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