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Goomba Stomp’s E3 2018 Predictions, Expectations, Hopes and Dreams



The annual video game industry trade show known as E3 is almost here. The gaming extravaganza returns to Los Angeles in June for what is poised to be one of the biggest weeks all year for gaming news and once again we here at Goomba Stomp have asked our writers to weigh in with some predictions on what to expect from E3 2018, a few of their hopes and dreams, and plenty of unfettered, wild speculation to get mad about in the comments. Looking back at our 2017 article, we sometimes wonder why we bother since we are often more wrong than right, but hey, one can always dream. Enjoy!


What you hope to see at the Microsoft conference?

Ricky D: Microsoft has announced big changes to its usual E3 showcase. This year, the majority of its announcements will no longer be appearing in the Los Angeles Convention Centre. Instead, Microsoft will be holding a show at the LA Live theatre Sunday, June 10 at 1:00 PM. Chances are the decision was made due to how overcrowded E3 has gotten ever since they opened their doors to the general public but whatever the case, I hope to see more from Ori and the Will of Wisps alongside the long-rumored Fable 4. My biggest issue with the Xbox One is that there are few exclusives available on the console making me wonder why I ever bought the system in the first place. The truth is, I haven’t played a game on my Xbox One in months and I currently only use it to watch television. So apart from Ori and Fable, I hope to see a reveal for Halo 6. It’s Microsoft’s biggest franchise and right now, Master Chief is needed more than ever.

Maxwell N: Some sort of plan, going into the future, of integrating a PC-based Windows 10 experience with Xbox One. It’s not that I want Microsoft to give up on the console gaming market, but I think at this point in Xbox’s life, they need to really make use of the Windows gaming aspect of their company with Xbox. This can be more games that you can play on both on your PC and Xbox One, an attempt to bring Xbox classics to Windows; just more cross features between Windows and Xbox. Anything like that would be a step in the right direction, in my opinion.

Marty Allen: I must admit,  as much as I’m rooting for all the companies to make the best games ever, Microsoft and the Xbox have largely fallen off my radar this year, and it is the one console I don’t own. That said, I hope more than anything else to see them come out swinging and announce some exciting new IPs. I’m going to say something in outer space with guns and dinosaurs.

John Cal McCormick: I honestly don’t think I care anymore. I always thought I’d pick up an Xbox One at some point to play all the games I’ve missed, but since the generation is heading toward its twilight years and I don’t appear to have missed anything, I guess I won’t be. I’d like to see them have a slew of first party games to show they can compete with the big boys, but something new. Another Halo isn’t going to cut it.

Brent Middleton: I want reasons to plug in my Xbox One S. I want to see colorful, exciting single-player experiences.  Sea of Thievesis a solid foundation for something great, and Cuphead is a platforming masterpiece, but we need more than a couple impactful games per year. Even though Phil Spencer mentioned in 2017 that the games they’re producing internally won’t be ready for a few years, I still have hope that they’ll shock everyone with both 2018 release dates (Crackdown 3 perhaps?) and new announcements. My ultimate hope for this year’s show? A new Fable game for 2019.

What do you expect from the Microsoft conference?

Ricky D: I expect the usual helping of third-party titles from Microsoft and that includes games that will only be exclusive for a short period of time. Take for instance Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It won’t be a console exclusive I expect it will be branded around the Xbox. Apart from that, I expect a couple of Xbox staples such as Forza Horizon and I expect Microsoft will announce several exclusives for the Xbox platform in order to combat criticism that it lacks the internal and first-party exclusives that Sony or Nintendo offer. OF course, I don’t expect any of these games to be released anytime soon. I also expect Microsoft to announce Metro Exodus has an Xbox exclusive.

Maxwell N: None of what I hope.

Marty Allen: While I do expect a few new IPs to pop up, I doubt that any will burn the industry down or arm any dinosaurs. I suspect it’s more likely to see a few of the old chestnuts reappear with several new coats of paint slathered on top. If we’re lucky, Gears and Halo. Not that I care too much about either franchise, but Xbox people sure do, and I want all of my fellow gamers to find joy.

John Cal McCormick: Another Forza, another Halo, and other fifty-plus misuses of the word “exclusive” to try and hide the fact that they have no exclusives.

Brent Middleton: Last year was one of Microsoft’s best shows in recent memory. Though it was likely propelled a bit by Sony’s lackluster presentation, it nonetheless showed off tons of third-party games, backwards compatible titles and gave us a few major release dates. After garnering such a positive reception last year, I expect that they’ll likely follow the same formula of toting the Xbox One X’s graphical power and premiering trailers for mouthwatering timed exclusives.

I expect we’ll hear about a new Forza Horizon, and perhaps see an announcement trailer for Halo 6. We’ll likely learn about more games supporting backwards compatibility and see new releases that take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere. If nothing else, I expect a really impressive presentation to make us temporarily forget about their lack of first-party content.

What you hope to see at the Sony conference?

Ricky D: I honestly hope to see a sequel to Until Dawn that doesn’t require VR. I really love Until Dawn but I had little to no interest in the prequel, The Inpatient. It would also be great to get a bunch of previous generation classics released on the PS4 such as the original God of War and Metal Gear Solid games.

Marty Allen: Similar to Microsoft, I hope to see Sony announces something new, but I have my doubts. A bit of an unexpected curveball like a new Twisted Metal or a more serious commitment too cross-play would go a long way. The big outside bet goes to an announcement of the PS5, which, even with no details at all would make a big old splash.

Taylor Smith: I would like to see Sony tease a lot of new IPs or new games compared to their previous events. We’ve seen Days Gone and The Last of Us 2 two years in a row now. There were rumors of Devil May Cry 5 potentially being at the conference this year, but there’s also a rumor that the announcement was scrapped to be used at a later date. I know a lot of people want to hear or see the PlayStation 5, but the Pro only came out last year and I’d like to see that console run for at least 2 more years before a 5 is even teased. 

John Cal McCormick: Sony has obviously had the best E3 showings of this generation, with last year’s relatively disappointing conference still being better than most E3 pressers. I think we’re too late in the day now to see any new huge first party announcements, and the ones we know about being what will see us through to PS5. I would like to be surprised though, and I’d like them to have something unexpected to look forward to. Bloodborne 2 would be the dream, but I’d settle for PS1 games with trophies or a remake of a PlayStation classic like we got with Shadow of the Colossus.

Maxwell N: What I hope, or rather wish, to see is something new from From Software. We know that From Software has a deal with Sony to create more exclusives for their platforms, so it’s only about time. Whether it’s a new IP, spiritual or direct sequels (hope not but won’t knock it if they’re done well) to Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne, I don’t know, I just want to see what they’ve got going on. Also, Death Stranding gameplay. That would be cool but it’s not a must for me.

Brent Middleton: Sony’s E3 2017 showing was almost universally deemed as a disappointment for two reasons: they showed the same games as the previous year, and the presentation largely felt devoid of personality and excitement. This year, I’m hoping that Sony shakes things up a bit with the structure of their show.

Instead of an incoherent stream of trailers with random interjections by Shawn Layden, it would be nice to see some developers, studio heads and producers on stage to show some of the heart behind the games. Ubisoft’s E3 2017 conference resonated with so many viewers because, though they didn’t have the best lineup of the show, they put the passion of their developers front and center. They created memorable moments. This is exactly what I’m hoping Sony gets right this year.

What do you expect from the Sony conference?

Ricky D: CEO and President Shawn Layden has confirmed that only a quartet of Playstation exclusives will be shown in great detail this year: Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man and Ghosts of Tsushima. I expect Sony to open the press conference with Spider-Man, close with Death Stranding, and make The Last Of Us the main centerpiece of the show. Death Stranding will have more to show than a trailer and I expect Sony to announce it will be released in early 2019. In recent years, Sony has made the smart decision of releasing their first party exclusives earlier in the year and the decision has paid off in spades. The fact is, there are fewer games released between January and April and less competition means bigger sales. I also expect a barrage of third-party offerings, most likely bundled into one long montage and some mention of Kingdom Hearts 3 (although the new trailer will debut during the Square Enix conference). And since Sony has a good working partnership with Rockstar and Take-Two, I expect an appearance from Red Dead Redemption 2. I also don’t expect any announcements about the Playstation 5 given that Sony just released the Pro. In short, I expect a lot from Sony since I believe they will release the PlayStation 5 in 2020 and will want to end this decade with a bang.

Maxwell N: Lots of indie announcements, and then big information dumps regarding upcoming exclusive games like Spider-Man and, especially, Death Stranding. Might see gameplay for Death Stranding, or another long, interesting trailer. Either is fine with me.

Also, a repeat of Kingdom Hearts 3 stuff we’ve already seen during that KH3 Premiere event, along with a release date. Not sure this would happen during the Sony conference though.

Marty Allen: Unfortunately, I do not expect the unexpected. It is likely that Sony will show more of what has yet to be released, which is no bad thing…it’s fine. I’m fine. More Spiderman, more Red Dead, more Last Of Us 2. Even if they do blow our tops off and announce the PS5, I’d wager it will come with scant details and actually emerge in three to fifteen years, featuring granular mustache-rendering technology that only 52K in-ear televisions can do justice to.

Taylor Smith: I expect a lot of the same from previous events. Flashy lights and trailers for games we know are coming out but don’t have dates for yet: Days Gone, The Last of Us 2, and probably Kingdom Hearts 3. There will be some kind of big announcement or trailer at the end that closes the show, I’d want to say God of War 2, but it feels like it’s too close to the launch of the first one for that to happen… And calling it God of War 2 feels even weirder than calling this year’s game God of War. I’m also expecting some new confusing trailer for Death Stranding that still doesn’t have a release date tied to it. 

Ed Moreno: This is the most predictable and safest conference at E3 this year. Chairman Shawn Layden essentially confirmed that they will only be focusing on Sony’s four biggest hits of the coming years, Ghosts of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Last of Us Two, and Death Stranding. By banking on these four games, Sony can have a much more focused conference and get people excited about the upcoming games, with Spider-Man coming out this year. None of the other games have much information on them, so it’ll be interesting to learn more about them. Other than that, Third-Party and Indie titles will be revealed that are coming to the PlayStation which isn’t as exciting but mandatory for a conference at this point. My personal wildcard theory is that Sony is focusing on the four games because it’s the last couple of AAA first-party titles Sony has left before they hint at a PlayStation 5 at PlayStation Experience in December.

John Cal McCormick: I’m expecting it to be similar to last year, with more on upcoming games we know about and less crowd-pleasing announcements for games that won’t be out for another five years. I also think that Death Stranding is going to be way further along than anyone assumes.

Brent Middleton: In an unprecedented move, Sony recently came out and announced all the first-party games they’ll be showing off ahead of the conference. Was this to lower expectations of new game announcements? Probably. But despite Shawn Layden insisting that we’ll only see Death Stranding, Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part II and Ghosts of Tsushima, I’d be shocked if they didn’t pull a “one more thing” and throw a premiere in there somewhere. Otherwise, we’ll definitely see a few third-party and indie premieres (exclusive or not) and possibly get a glimpse of Sony-exclusive content for the new Call of Duty. The phrasing of Layden’s statement seems to suggest Sony’s move away from the traditional press conference model towards something more like Nintendo’s video presentations, but I’m doubtful.

What you hope to see at the Nintendo Direct?

Ricky D: Nintendo has announced its plans for E3 2018 and they’re very similar to previous years. A pre-recorded digital presentation will take place on June 12 which will showcase a range of upcoming first and third-party titles. Following this it will hold three days of Nintendo Treehouse live-streams where new games will be announced and shown off to the public. While Nintendo has stated that the digital presentation will focus entirely on 2018 releases, I’m hoping they drop a teaser for the sequel to Breath of the Wild, much like how they dropped a teaser for Metroid Prime last year. I’m also hoping we get a surprise announcement during the Treehouse live stream for Luigi’s Mansion 3, much like how Nintendo announced Metroid Samus Returns last year. Finally, I’m hoping to see an announcement of the rumoured N64 mini, a port of Mother 3, and a pro controller that allows us to plug in a headset so players can communicate with friends online without the hassle of Nintendo’s problematic voice chat app.

Maxwell N: When it comes to Nintendo, “hoping” is all we do. With all the rumors about Pokémon on Switch, would love to see some confirmation on that. Since everything else is somewhat already a given, here’s a wild wish I have for the future of Mario Odyssey: DLC that introduces course-clear style levels. Yeah, not going to happen probably, but I said it was wild. I just want a good sequel to 3D World that incorporates things from Odyssey.

Marty Allen: In fairness, Nintendo is why I show up to the party (but I stick around for Devolver, who have the best press conferences). There are many things I hope for, but none more than that glorious oasis of calm reflection, collection, and debt repayment known better as Animal Crossing. Second deepest hope is Metroid: Prime 4 footage and release date. Outside of that, because I still can’t stop exploring Hyrule, so I hope to see more Breath of the Wild support – some meaty new dungeons and bigger quests would make me very happy. More than anything else, I’d do a little dance to see a shiny new IP that knocks our collective socks off and then sends them hurling into space. I’m thinking maybe a giant Nintendo-spun Battle Royale? Going deeper, I’d love to see Wario Ware on Switch (maybe even with LABO support?). A new Luigi’s Mansion? And new proper Pikmin on Switch? And then a new Wii Sports? All of that, please, and maybe a side of Nintendogs? Not so much to ask for.

(Taylor Smith) There are a lot of things I’d like out of this direct. Smash is guaranteed, so I’m not going to waste time on that. I’d love to see if the Star Fox racing game made by Retro rumor is true or not, it has the potential to be a new F-Zero (although, Nintendo could just let Retro make a new F-Zero instead with Star Fox guest characters). I’d like to see either Super Mario Maker ported to the Switch or an announcement for Super Mario Maker 2, it and Wonderful 101 are about the only highly rated games from the Wii U library that have yet to receive a Switch port or Sequel… My dream come true would be a Fatal Frame collection or at least a port of 4 and 5 to the Switch. Nintendo has a lot of other things in the works too, like Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem that I’m anxious to know more about as well. Their conference is the one I’m most excited for. 

Iszak Barnette: I hope to see lots of information about Super Smash Bros. on Switch and at least a video teaser for Metroid Prime 4.

John Cal McCormick: I know people mock the Switch for being a port machine but honestly, more ports. I want Super Mario 3D World on there. I would also like some Pokemon. Metroid Prime Collection would be great. I want older games, too, and not just the meager NES selection you have to sign up to the crappy online service for. No cardboard.

James Baker: If Pokémon is shown, I’m hoping for an entire revolution of the franchise. The linear plot has become stale and it needs to take the Breath of the Wild approach and give the player more choices in the game. I think this applies to a few of its franchises, taking a bolder approach rather than remaining in the safety of the past.

I’m mainly hoping for something to give me some excitement. Nintendo has been quiet recently and a big announcement is needed. We know of games in the pipeline but we haven’t seen anything of them.

Brent Middleton: Nintendo is riding a pretty positive wave right now after smashing sales expectations and delivering two of last year’s most beloved games. They’re also a bit stagnant, with many complaining about the abundance of Wii U ports and the lack of new first-party games in the top half of the year. Last year our panel of writers (myself included) almost unanimously declared that Nintendo “won” E3. If they want to pull that off again, they’ll need to nail a few essential things.

For one, Nintendo needs to announce Smash 5, not Smash 4 Deluxe. Both will sell well regardless, but confirmation of Smash being a new installment—and then seeing the first glimpses of gameplay—would be huge. Nintendo also needs to show an actual trailer of Metroid Prime 4, regardless of whether or not it’s coming out this year or next (my bet is next). We need to see Fire Emblem Switch gameplay with a confirmation that it’s still coming out in 2018. And if Nintendo really wants to knock it out of the park, they’ll have either Animal Crossing Switch or Luigi’s Mansion 3 up their sleeves.

What do you expect from the Nintendo Direct?

Ricky D: I expect a trailer for Metroid Prime 4 and an announcement informing us that the game will be released in 2019. Whether we see this trailer during the digital presentation or during the Treehouse stream is another thing since it could go either way. I expect more details on The World Ends and the upcoming Yoshi game. I expect we will hear about the purported new Star Fox game from Retro Studios and a possible Fortnite port. And by the time the event is over, we will know everything we need to know about the next version of Super Smash Bros. which will feature more crossover characters and a new wave of amiibo to accompany it. Last year we got the surprise Ubisoft announcement of Mario + Rabbids, and believe me, Ubisoft will have another huge Nintendo partnership to announce. Of course, this announcement will take place on the Ubisoft stage but expect Nintendo to provide more info throughout their three days of live streaming. We will also learn about the next Animal Crossing game, most likely to be released during the Christmas holiday and yes, Pokemon will be making a huge appearance. Last but not least, Nintendo will announce a brand new IP that will have everyone talking about for weeks to come.

Maxwell N: Mostly stuff about Super Smash, lots of stuff about Mario Tennis Aces. Some small announcements about games coming out for the 3DS that I’d rather have on Switch.

Marty Allen: Unfortunately, I don’t expect to see too many of the things that I am hoping for, but because it’s Nintendo, I’ll probably also end up delighted with whatever they deliver (unless it’s a sequel to Wii Music…). Because they are an actual business with things to sell, I expect to see lots and lots of Smash BrosMario: Tennis, and some new support for Mario: Odyssey. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a new IP, but I doubt it will be anything I could conjure – the weird rumors of a Star Fox: Grand Prix seem as likely (if weird and confusing) as anything. I wouldn’t be surprised and would also be quite pleased to see some new fun stuff for Labo, a lot of footage and a date for Yoshi, and a steady little slate of respectable 3DS games. I think there’s a fighting chance we’ll see Fortnite announced, along with a few more nice third-party plums. I do think they’ll surprise us, and one such surprise seems very likely to be a much meatier taste of new Pokemon. I sneakily suspect there will be something in addition to Smash to really entice folks onto online, but who knows? They do.

Taylor Smith: I expect lots of Smash Bros. and indie game ports. I don’t think we’ll see anything new, but the direct will have new trailers and footage for games we’ve known about for the past year or so. I would expect Fire Emblem to at least have a teaser of some kind. It’s hard to say what I think Nintendo will bring to their e3 direct, they have a lot of stuff in the works right now and several other IPs that have at least been hinted or teased at over the past year like Donkey Kong Country.

There’s one major thing that will dominate Nintendo’s Direct this year at E3: Super Smash Bros. While Nintendo has a virtual war chest of possible teasers (Metroid Prime 4, anyone?), other exciting games (such as the untitled Yoshi coming sometime this year), and a few potential surprises (here’s hope for a sequel to Super Mario Maker on Switch!) there is no doubt that, beyond anything else, their focus will be on Smash. As one of their most popular franchises, a perpetually system-seller, and an enormously popular marketing tool, Nintendo would be foolish to focus on anything else. With the recent announcement of the Smash tournament and all-star lineup of veteran Smash players that will be joining it, it’s clear that they recognize that.

Izsak Barnette: I think that Nintendo will confirm that Smash is a new game and not a port of Smash for Wii U, mentioning how the Switch’s increased horsepower now allows for increased visual fidelity and, along with that claim, some incredible new stages. I also expect that they’ll drop the stage choice limitation on eight-player Smash in the process. In addition, I expect Nintendo to show off at least three new characters, with two easy-to-predict choices and one unpredictable addition. While I’ve offered guesses as to who those characters might be, there’s no telling who Nintendo might draft or what crazy, never-before-seen combination we might see.

Following the character announcement, Nintendo will use Smash’s incredible popularity to segue into a discussion of Nintendo Switch Online, with a detailed explanation of the service as well as the complete list of NES games that will be available upon the service’s launch. Nintendo will also set Smash’s release date to coincide with, or come just after, the release date of Nintendo Switch Online, setting it around late September or early October, and giving plenty of kids time to put it on their Christmas wish list. With the release date will come a snazzy new title. I don’t think they’ll repeat the creative languidity of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

Finally, and not unexpectedly, I believe that Nintendo will confirm GameCube converter compatibility, mention the production of new adapters and controllers, and also announce the release of a special, GameCube-colored Joy-Con set to launch with Smash for Switch.

Ed Moreno: As per usual, Nintendo is definitely the wild card of E3. Last year’s conference was chaotic and the reveals haven’t slowed down since then. Titles that are guaranteed to be shown off at Smash Bros and Yoshi, as we have learned next to nothing about either title since their debut and Smash has an entire invitational tournament planned after the conference. Slightly less likely is any information on Metroid Prime 4 or Bayonetta 3, as those two are heavily anticipated titles as well and Metroid Prime 4 was announced at E3 2017. Animal Crossing has been anticipated for years at this point, and I believe that this will be the year that Nintendo delivers on an Animal Crossing entry on the Switch with a trailer. Fire Emblem has been on the back burner for almost a year and a half now, so not revealing any information about that game would be a heavy blow to FE fans who’re anxious for a new title. Pikmin shares the same fate, as a new game is in the works but nothing is known about it other than its existence. I actually believe that Pokemon won’t be revealed at E3, but rather come out a few weeks before the presentation itself to not steal the spotlight from everything else. Other than that, it is hard to truly predict what Nintendo can bring to the table since last year showed that they can bring back old franchises like they did with Metroid. A brand new F-Zero or Star Fox game is possible since fans have been asking for those entries for years now (with the newest Star Fox being received rather poorly overall). Nintendo has a tendency of pulling out something ridiculous and extravagant to gather the hype of the entire internet, and the Switch has not disappointed yet so it will be interesting what Nintendo has up their sleeves this year.

John Cal McCormick: Not much. I fear Nintendo may have blown their load a little early this generation with both Mario and Zelda in year one. Presumably, Pokemon and Metroid are a way off, so I’m not expecting anything blockbuster here, and I’m not expecting great things in 2018 for the Switch. The line-up looks pretty lackluster, and I hope they can change that.

James Baker: Nintendo will have a lot of work to do if it’s to outshine 2017 Nintendo. There are a number of titles I’m expecting to see showcased, particularly Super Smash Bros. which will undoubtedly take center stage. It’s already known that Splatoon’s Inklings will finally be added to its roster, and I expect Mario to be updated with Cappy, as well as perhaps Rex and Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 added.

After the success of Fire Emblem Heroes on the mobile last year, and with Nintendo already announcing they’re working on a Fire Emblem title for the Switch, it would be a surprise if we didn’t see the franchise showcased at E3. It’s a franchise Nintendo has been investing a lot of time into promoting, strengthened with the release of Fire Emblem Warriors last year.

Metroid Prime 4 will likely have some footage, although I don’t expect it to be released until next year so it is unlikely to take center stage. Nintendo traditionally doesn’t release any Pokémon trailers at E3, but with so many rumours surrounding the direction of the ongoing Switch title, I wouldn’t write it off completely. Expect games like Yoshi and Mario Tennis Aces to be highlighted too as their release is imminent.

Last year we had the surprise unveiling of Metroid Prime 4, even though it was just a five-second announcement near the end of their presentation. Whether Nintendo will do something this year I’m not so sure. Main titles for Legend of Zelda and Super Mario were released last year, and we’re aware Pokémon and Metroid titles are currently in production. These are somewhat the core of every Nintendo system, so any surprise announcement won’t have the same impact as Metroid Prime 4 did last year. I think after the released of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on the mobile last year, if we’re to follow Nintendo’s relationship with its mobile releases, the surprise announcement will likely be an Animal Crossing title for the Switch. (James Baker)

Brent Middleton: Nintendo might be the most unpredictable of the bunch. Whereas last year’s presentation was a hit due to the announcement of Metroid Prime 4Pokémon Switch and a breathtaking spotlight on Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo hasn’t always knocked it out of the park when it comes to E3. We’ll definitely see SmashMario Tennis Aces and Octopath Traveler. We’ll also definitely learn the new Fire Emblem’s name and get a short trailer for it (the release date will be revealed in a direct closer to launch, like Xenoblade Chronicles 2). They’ll also probably show off more of the new Splatoon 2 expansion and possibly a look at more Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion pass content.

Otherwise, I expect the video presentation to be longer than last year’s 20 minutes and to still include the little developer interludes Nintendo is known for. They’ll highlight a major indie or two coming to the platform (Undertale with a release date?) and tout third party support by showing off Wolfenstein II and announcing that all of the major EA sports titles are “making the Switch” this year.

What would be your dream announcement?

Ricky D: Luigi’s Mansion 3 or the fourth installment in the Earthbound series. I would also love to see a crossover between Star Fox and F-Zero or a crossover between Fire Emblem and The Legend of Zelda.

Maxwell N: Nintendo announces that they’ve killed Toadette, and that Tony Hawk is playable in Super Smash Bros. Then, Kojima comes out and apologizes to the world for Guns of the Patriots. Says, “Is it real? How long can a man enjoy what he doesn’t feel?”

But as for my more serious answer: the next From Software game is really all I need to see.

Marty Allen: Animal Crossing Switch is available RIGHT NOW!(Marty Allen)

Taylor Smith: My dream announcement for Sony would be for the Devil May Cry 5 rumors to be true.  My Dream announcement for Nintendo would be a new proper Star Fox or F-Zero title.

Izsak Barnette: A remaster of the original Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo Switch. I’ve always loved the original Xenoblade and it’s my favorite game of all time. I know it has a very small chance of happening, but that’s never stopped dreams, right?

John Cal McCormick: Bloodborne 2. All the pre-X Final Fantasy games on PS4. Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster. Persona 4 Golden on PS4. Anything Persona. New Paper Mario that isn’t dreadful. Proper Starfox game that controls like it’s designed to be fun. Nintendo achievement system. PaRappa the Rapper 3. Microsoft giving up on consoles so I can play Gears of War without having to buy an Xbox. An HD remaster of No One Can Stop Mr. Domino. So many hopes and dreams.

Brent Middleton: Ooblets coming to the Switch. It’s one of my most anticipated games this year, but I’d much rather enjoy it as a handheld experience than on my PC.

Any other thoughts about the event?

Ricky D: Devolver’s press conference will return and be even weirder than last year. Electronic Arts will once again be holding its EA Play event during E3 2018 and I expect we will learn about Bioware’s new IP. Arguably the surprise highlight of E3 2017, was Ubisoft’s spectacular press conference which included the surprise announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Mario + Rabbids. They’ll have another great press conference and as I mentioned above, I expect another big announcement involving a partnership with Nintendo.

Square Enix has announced that it will host an E3 Showcase for the first time in several years at the event. The special video presentation will take place on June 11 and will likely include teasers for a few games that won’t release anytime soon. Expect a tease for Final Fantasy 16, a new trailer (and gameplay) for Kingdom Hearts 3 and  Square Enix’s Avengers Project which is due a reveal. And regardless if the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a long way from being completed, I can’t imagine Square Enix not spending some time discussing the development since this is their first press conference in years.

Finally, Polish media outlets have been reporting that Cyberpunk 2077 will be shown at E3 2018 with a new trailer and behind closed doors demo for attending media. Believe the hype!

Ed Moreno: Rage 2 has been revealed and is certainly going to be shown off at E3, since it seems to be Bethesda’s next big non-Fallout/Elder Scrolls title. There is likely going to be some sort of content for Wolfenstein announced in the same way that New Order had Old Blood as a stand-alone expansion. Less likely would be any new content for Evil Within 2, but it’d be interesting to see since that game turned out better than most expected. I believe that Arkane Studios will either be developing a brand new IP or simply sit out this E3, since both Prey and Dishonored 2 are so recent and don’t have as much presence as the aforementioned titles. Bethesda has stated that this will be their biggest E3 yet, which is a bold claim considering E3 2015 had them revealing Fallout 4 coming out 5 months after the E3 conference, as well as Fallout Shelters, Dishonored 2, and Doom. As a result, it seems likely that either a brand new Elder Scrolls or AAA RPG shall be revealed by Bethesda at E3. Bethesda has enough critically acclaimed IPs at this point that they can definitely make a splash at E3, and I’m looking forward to it.
Easily the entry that’ll make the biggest splash in Square’s E3 presentation shall be Kingdom Hearts 3. There is likely going to be a brand new trailer that reveals new worlds in the game and ends with a release date near the end of this year. Even though it was announced years ago at this point, I don’t see a Final Fantasy VII reveal, and if there is one then it won’t be anything too substantial. There will likely be news about the brand new Crystal Dynamics’ Avenger game, as the hype for Avengers is at an all-time high and they can use that to their advantage. Shadow of the Tomb Raider doesn’t have much information yet, so I can see them putting some brand new Tomb Raider footage into the conference. Life is Strange 2 hasn’t been talked about much either, so there will almost certainly be a trailer and release window for that coming out in the conference. Despite how unlikely it is, I do hope that Square Enix squeezes in something to do with NieR (mostly because it was my favorite game of last year). Overall, I can see Square Enix putting all their eggs on Kingdom Hearts 3 as it is one of the most anticipated games of the decade and definitely one of the titles that will make waves in the gaming community.

Who will “win” E3?

Ricky D: I define winning by how pleased the fans are with the announcements. PlayStation fans tend to be a bit pickier than Nintendo fans but while I would love to give the award to Nintendo, I think Sony’s four big exclusives along with their third-party support is more than enough to have them walk away the undisputed winners.

Maxwell N: Up in the air. Anyone but Microsoft. Unless Microsoft really does something amazing. Like, announce that they’ve invented UmbyCords and eXistenZ.

Marty Allen: Nintendo crushed it last year, and, despite my obvious bias, it really seems like it’s their conference to lose this year. They could fire off announcements from so many directions, and they have such momentum, it’s almost overwhelming. Delightfully overwhelming. I can’t wait to see.

Taylor Smith: I don’t know about winning, but I think Nintendo has the best potential lineup of things to show.

Izsak Barnette: This year is Nintendo’s to lose. With the other major console manufacturers entering a relative lull and the Switch selling excellently, this is Nintendo’s year to restate their claim as a legitimate member of the ‘Big 3.’ Barring some spectacular surprise announcement from Sony (like the PS5) I expect Nintendo to emerge as the clear winner from this year’s E3.

John Cal McCormick: I suspect, like last year, this is going to be one of those where who wins is determined purely by your own allegiances rather than a 2013/2015/2016 situation where there’s only one real victor. I expect to like what Sony and Nintendo show without being blown away, and I expect very little from Microsoft.

James Baker: Probably nobody, E3 doesn’t seem as prestigious as it used to be.

Brent Middleton: Nintendo, if only because of the ridiculous potential a Smash sequel (and accompanying gameplay) has to create hype. That coupled with the first look at Metroid Prime 4? Forget about it. Sony would need to both show The Last of Us Part II gameplay and announce a late-2018 release date to generate more excitement than that. And though Microsoft would make a splash with a surprise premiere of Halo 6, the Halo brand isn’t as big as it used to be. This is Nintendo’s to lose.

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