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Game Boys

Game Boys, Ep. 16: Wii’ll Defend U

As hype builds around the still enigmatic next console from Nintendo, the NX, it’s become abundantly clear that the Wii U is on its way out.  Tim and Ryan, aka the Game Boys, don’t want the Wii U to be poorly remembered and misrepresented as a failure in its last days.  Consequently, this episode is in the defense of the Wii U, taking a look back at three of its best co-op games, Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario Maker.  They also list some of the must play co-op games the console has produced in its short but fruitful life time.

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Game Boys is a podcast dedicated entirely to co-op gaming. Its regular hosts, Tim and Ryan, have been gaming together for roughly eighteen years, and have dedicated countless hours to finding the best cooperative games of all varieties, whether in person “couch” co-op games, online only, or anything in between.

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