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EA’s E3 2017 Press Conference Showcases Madden, FIFA, Star Wars, and more



Electronic Arts took to the stage today to kick off E3 2017’s big press conferences, and while there weren’t any earth-shattering reveals, or much of anything outside of what was completely expected, there were nevertheless some highlights in between all the posturing. Here’s a rundown of the most notable ones:

Madden Touts a Longshot

Besides showing off more Frostbite visual glory, the new trailer for Madden NFL 18 revolved around the game’s new campaign mode, cdubbed Longshot. This story-driven mode centers around a young upstart trying to rise through the football ranks, presumably until taking over for Roger Goodell and ruling the sports world. Longshot has a kind of Friday night Lights vibe, and stars Mahershala Ali (MoonlightLuke Cage). You can check outthe trailer below:

Battlefield Shifts the Fight to the Russian Front

Despite Vizzini’s sage advice about never getting involved in a land war in Asia, things are growing cold in Battlefield 1, as the war turns to the east with the expansion titled In the Name of the Tsar. Players will fight on the side of the Russians, including with the Women’s Battalion of Death, through six new maps that look just as chock full of gorgeous environments and horrific carnage. Just watch out for those supply lines, and if you must retreat, be sure to burn everything on your way out. With the 11 new weapons, that shouldn’t be a problem. Check out the teaser below:

FIFA’s Journey Continues, But Not on Switch

Who is Alex Hunter? Apparently he’s some sort of big deal or something. Anyway, now that he’s sitting on top of the soccer football world, EA is looking to build on the phenom’s story with a title straight out of a horror movie. “The Journey: Hunter Returns” sounds like it will involve either Hunter exacting revenge on the very organization that created him – or I suppose it could have something to do with the kind of decisions megastar athletes have to sometimes make.

Switch owners will sadly never find out, as while FIFA 18 is indeed coming to the hybrid console, the story mode will be absent, as well as all that Frostbite sweating. Still, the Switch version will include a healthy supply of other things to do, retaining Ultimate and Career modes to go along with the basics. You can find the details on EA’s page for it here.

Yes, FIFA 18 has other features, like improved movement and live player substitutions, but let’s face it: the kid is the real draw. The teaser for Hunter’s next story can be seen below:

What’s Anthem a sequel to?

Refreshingly, the answer to that question is “nothing.” New IP! Look, the trailer for Anthem doesn’t show much other than some brief looks at some science-fiction-type world the likes of which we’ve pretty much seen before and some space warriors that look like basically like every other space warrior, but it is new, and it is from Bioware, so that makes it noteworthy. The element of choice sounds like it will play a big part (surprise), but little else is known other than that choice will likely involve killing things. It’s dangerous to go alone, so take this futuristic space suit and watch the teaser below:

Looking for A Way Out

One of the more interesting games shown was an EA Original from Hazelight Studios and Josef Fares, creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Titled A Way Out, the game seeks to find new ways to tell stories in the medium, requiring co-op (either locally or online) in order to play. Two players take control of a different convict, each with their own agenda, and must figure out how to operate independent of the other in order to bust out of the big house and elude the fuzz on the way toward clearing their names, taking revenge, or doing whatever it is that prison escapees do. Distract guards while your buddy sneaks around, ride shotgun while firing shotguns from a pickup truck, and most importantly, learn to trust again. See the tense (and probably ultimately heartwarming) trailer below:

Need for Speed: Payback is a Game That Exists

I don’t have much to say here other than the southwestern setting in the trailer looks great, and the game seems fast. Except during the car crash porn, of course. Basic stuff, really, but if you’re looking for more Need for Speed action then by all means check out the gameplay below.

NBA Live 18 is The One

EA gave a little time to NBA Live 18, mostly to show some new moves and another new story mode called “The One.” Guess what it involves? Players will control a character who must decide between the street and the league, whether to go for the cash or the respect. Personally, this is one of the easiest choices anyone should ever have to make. Which will you do?

Battlefront II is What Battlefront Should Have Been

For all those disappointed with the lack of a campaign in EA’s first attempt at reviving the Battlefront series (looking at you, John Boyega), Battlefront II looks to remedy that. Taking place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, there is plenty of room for non-canon blanks to be filled in. In a show of the story’s importance, actress Janina Gavankar (the voice of Commander Iden Versio) appeared on stage to introduce the gameplay, as well as express her enthusiasm for the project. She also went on to state that content updates for Battlefront II will be free of charge. Naturally the game looks flat-out amazing, with the city of Naboo, as well as several other familiar-ish locations on display. Bask in the Star Wars glow for yourself with the trailer below:


Overall the show was a fairly by-the-books, rather ho-hum start to this year’s E3, but hopefully it was just a primer for more exciting things to come. Stay tuned to Goomba Stomp for all the latest news, as well as impressions from the show floor!

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