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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Ten Essential Moments (Part 2)



‘Breath of the Wild’ – Ten Essential Moments (Part 1)

Breath of the Wild: Best Moments

Wield The Master Sword

What would any Zelda adventure be without the iconic Master Sword? Not only is it difficult to locate, but it requires for you to increase your health to no less than thirteen hearts in order to acquire the weapon. This means that unless you’ve conquered a fair number of Hyrule’s many shrines and/or collected the heart containers upon defeating the four divine beasts, you will have no chance of wielding the blade of evil’s bane. Any attempt to draw it from its stone without a sufficient quantity of hearts will result in a Game Over screen, as you are gradually sapped of your power. Those who are lucky enough to prove themselves as the true hero and wield the blade for themselves, however, are treated to what is the only unbreakable item in Breath of the Wild (although it will require a recharge period after a certain amount of use).


Arm Yourself With The Hylian Shield

The Master Sword may be awesome in its own right, but a true hero deserves the complete set. The Hylian Shield, like the Master Sword, is an iconic staple of the franchise, and any iteration of Link would not be complete without it. Locating it requires you to venture deep beneath Hyrule Castle, Breath of the Wild’s final dungeon, and defeat a skeletal version of the Hinox enemy known as a Stalnox. Should you be well upgraded, the fight poses a minimal threat. What is rewarded to you following the Stalnox’s demise is by far the strongest shield available in Breath of the Wild, and whilst it is breakable, it can withstand an impressive beating before perishing. Should this happen, however, it can be replaced via an unlockable merchant, so not all is lost.


Purchase And Renovate Your Own House

By far the most rewarding side quest in Breath of the Wild comes in the form of acquiring your very own house. Upon stumbling across a derelict home in Hateno Village ready to be demolished, you can persuade the hilariously flamboyant boss of the demolition team to instead sell you the property. Upon acquiring it, you can then invest your hard earned rupees into renovating it. This will provide you the additions of furniture, alongside weapon, bow, and shield wall mounts (which are ideal for storing your rarest and most prized possessions). Being a side quest that keeps on giving, it also serves as the means to unlock the following side quest known as ‘From The Ground Up’, which provides to you yet more valuable benefits upon completion. This side quest tasks you to help build and populate a small town, which later becomes known as Tarrey Town.


Build Tarrey Town

Whilst ‘From The Ground Up’ requires a substantial amount of work, including collecting a humongous quantity of wood and locating a number of service providing characters (all of which must oddly flaunt a surname ending in ‘son’), the effort is well worth the reward. Aside from being a pleasant town to visit leisurely, the aforementioned service providing characters decide to open their very own shops within it, offering you various useful items for purchase. Most importantly, however, is that Tarrey Town’s completion brings about the appearance of a unique merchant known as Granté, who will sell you the rarest equipment Breath of the Wild has to offer, including a replacement for the earlier discussed Hylian Shield. If this isn’t enough, other various miscellaneous side quests become unlocked as a result of Tarrey Town’s completion. Wow, all of this simply from purchasing a derelict house.


Go Toe To Toe With A Silver Lynel

What do you do after you’ve rested at your house, purchased a sufficient quantity of items and armour from Tarrey town, and kitted yourself out with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield? You challenge the toughest enemy Breath of the Wild has to offer in a ruthless fight to the death of course! Tougher than all other Lynel variations, the Silver Lynel provides a confrontation that only the most dedicated Breath of the Wild veterans will walk away from in one piece from. Whether it’s their overwhelming damage output, or ferocious speed and aggression, fighting a Silver Lynel will demand a tremendous amount of skill (and some health replenishing materials/food won’t hurt either). Even a loss at the hands of this ferocious beast is a memorable experience in itself, as it will more than likely get your adrenaline pumping into overdrive. If you find it to be too daunting a challenge, however, feel free to settle for one of the Lynel’s less punishing blue or white-maned variations, as these will still provide an intensely exciting conflict regardless.


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