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The Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Poster Gets a Fan-Made Redesign With the Resident Evil 2 Remake Character Models



MarcosRC is a modder and 3D artist I’ve spoken about a few times on the blog here as his work never ceases to impress me. This time around, the artist has recreated the recently released poster for the upcoming Resident Evil Netflix anime series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. This time around, MarcosRC replaced the Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield character models from the animated show with the one from the incredible Resident Evil 2 remake and the result is so seamless that you would be forgiven for thinking this fan-made version is the real deal.

The original poster for the upcoming anime series.
MarcosRC’s fan made version using the Resident Evil 2 remake character models.

As you can see from this comparison, the poster has been incredibly well recreated. I had a quick chat with MarcosRC on Twitter to see how he went about creating this edit. Using the character models from Deviantart user Sticklove, (I’ll link both the Leon and Claire 3D models from Stickloves account here) he used Blender 3D and Photoshop alongside some free PNG assets to make the poster. He then made a few changes here and there to make sure that his renders of Leon and Claire fit into the original poster background and there you have it. One awesomely fan-made poster recreation. I like this idea of the remake character models being used, seeing as the voice actors for Leon and Claire in the game-Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panisello- are returning to voice the characters in the show.

Check out MarcosRC’s Twitter, Instagram and Patreon here for more of his fantastic work.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Keith

    March 19, 2021 at 10:07 pm

    I can’t wait for the resident evil Infinite Darkness as while Re 8 how ever I know there’s rumors going around about Chris redfield changes to the dark side some are saying that clair died and that makes chris goes dark how ever or what the case is I don’t think Clair is dead cause her brother trained to take of herself 2 Mia is not who she say she is and Ethan finds out the truth about her after Re 7 and Chris may have found something on Mia and went after her for answers or someone could of easy have kidnap him and injected a T virus that allows someone to control there host just like Re 4 or he could be under a dark spell how ever that little girl from resident evil revelations 2 is actually a reincarnated Albert Wesker Thank about that.

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