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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Completing The Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle Guide



When you embark on a journey to explore various planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you will come across varieties of puzzles.

Most of them can be straightforward with hints here and there around you, but some seem to be harder than your chess game because there are no nearby hints available for the same.

The toughest puzzle is in the Crypt of Uhrma on planet Jedah, and you can find it during your second visit on the way to Pilgrim’s Sanctuary.

Even though it’s not compulsory to solve, it may turn out to be really beneficial, giving you a useful reward for upcoming missions. And to help you, we are here to guide you throughout your gaming journey. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

Discover the Location of Crypt of Uhrma in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor:

Well, you may get your hands on Crypt of Uhrma while you are playing the story mode in the game, especially when you are moving towards the place called Pilgrim’s Path to save Brother Armias (as per the story).

But in case you missed it, don’t worry; just go to the Meditation Point of the same name and head towards the North as showcased on the map. In the canyon section having a big metal platform above, simply go into a right alcove and down into the crypt.

And keep in mind to be cautious inside the crypt because there are almost a dozen small crab enemies waiting for you, and some can explode as well, causing a huge amount of damage.

Even though there are small collectibles, and most importantly, the main attraction of the game is the door puzzle at the back of it.

Unlocking the Crypt of Uhrma Door Puzzle: Step-by-Step Guide:

The crypt door that you discover has eight movable pillars – four on top and four on the bottom. So just follow the given steps to complete your mission.

• Firstly, you have to Use Force Pull (L2/LT) to extract specific pillars: Top – Pillars 1 and 4, Bottom – Pillars 2 and 3.

• Second, you have to number the pillars from left to right.

• Then, even if you pull the wrong pillar, use Force Push to place it back where it was before.

• Then, simply extract the correct pillars, and the door will open for you to claim your rewards. Simple, right?

Unlocking Valuable Rewards in the Crypt of Uhrma in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor:

As mentioned, once you open the door, you will discover a Stim Canister chest in front of you, which is known to be one of the most significant rewards in Survivor.

After you open it, just grab the Force Echo on the GONK droid to your right. Before leaving the place, and don’t just leave yet because there will be one more task for you after that.

Just simply turn around from the Stim chest, and on the right in the hole ahead of you, there you will see a metal grate. Just Use Force Pull to remove it. This will show you a small hallway leading to a pool, where you will finally get to reunite with Skoova Steve and acquire another fish for your tank back at Pyloon’s Saloon. Isn’t it great? Well, it is for sure!

Wrapping Up:

Finally, we have come to an end, and we hope this simple-to-follow guide will help in your journey to find success in the game.

Happy Gaming, and thanks for reading!

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