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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 279: Ranking Every Kirby Game, Ever

Who will come out on top?



Ready for the most contentious episode in NXpress history? This week on the NXpress Nintendo PodcastCameron DaxonMarc KaliroffCampbell Gill, and special guest host Eliza from Kirby Informer answer the question that’s been burning on everyone’s minds this week: what’s the best Kirby game ever made? With superfans Marc and Eliza on the show, this isn’t an easy question to answer.

Covering mainline and spinoff games alike, Marc runs through his hyper-controversial list of the Pink Puff’s greatest and not-so-greatest adventures. This isn’t without some turmoil though – Eliza, Campbell, and Cameron make sure to let Marc know when he’s been objectively incorrect about something. After all, we all know that Kirby’s Epic Yarn is undoubtedly the best game in the series…right? Tune in to find out what game comes out on top!

Best of all, this is only part of this week’s Kirby bonanza on NXpress. If you still have an appetite for some Kirby goodness, make sure to check out our in-depth review discussion of Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

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“The Legendary Halberd” – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

1:30 – Main event: Ranking Every Kirby Game
“Halberd” – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

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