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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 130: Interview With the Director of ‘Slayaway Camp’



If last week’s quick stab at a review of Blue Wizard Digital’s Slayaway Camp didn’t scare you into picking up the newly-released murder puzzler on your Nintendo Switch, then the only thing we can think of is to make a sequel. Bigger, badder, and with a more in-depth backstory, Skullface returns as we talk with the game’s director, Jason Kapalka about the origins of how the sliding block puzzle mechanic was perfect for 80s slasher movie mayhem, inspirations for the hilariously over-the-top deaths, and how adding new wrinkles and gameplay elements keep the killing fresh. Along the way you’ll hear about ghostly camp stories, discover just who made those giggle-inducing victim screams, and find out a bit about the developer’s next killer project

Post game content has Rick, Tim, and Patrick gushing a little more, as well as detailing what they’ve been recently playing. Don’t make us go to outer space in desperation — have a listen and check out Slayaway Camp today!

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Main Event: Interview with  Jason Kapalka, Director of Slayaway Camp
Slayaway Camp Trailer
Bonus Content: Bayonetta 2, Kirby Star Allies and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Friday the 13th Theme Song

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