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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 298: Cursed to Golf Review + What’s the Point of Treehouse Live?

It’s cursing time



Cursed to Golf

Ready to tee up? This week on the NXpress Nintendo PodcastCameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill hit the golf course for a review of the charming indie Cursed to Golf, yet another emotionally charged Sonic Frontiers discussion, and a discussion of a truly existential question: what’s the point of a Treehouse Live presentation these days, anyway?

The gang starts off by reacting to the objectively single biggest piece of news from this year’s Gamescom: Sonic Frontiers might actually be good? Sega has unveiled a new story trailer that gives some reason for hope that the blue blur’s next quest won’t be another letdown. Not like we’ve been let down before…

This week the Indie Spotlight takes the main event, as Marc and Campbell hit the greens and review Cursed to Golf –an inventive rogulike twist on the golf game formula. Following a golfing champion who meets with an untimely demise, players will have to golf their way through fiendish obstacle courses to get out of Golf Purgatory. This title is wildly inventive and charming, but does its roguelike gameplay structure do it any favors, or is it just an arbitrary way to pad the game? Heated debate ensues!

Lastly, the hosts close the show by reacting to the news that Nintendo will host a new Treehouse Live this week by asking a simple question: why? What’s the future of Treehouse Lives, and why does this presentation formula feel so stale?

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro

0:50 – Opening Topic: Sonic Frontiers Release Date Discussion
“Seaside Hill” – Sonic Heroes

19:20 – Main Event: Cursed to Golf Review
“Scottsman Theme” – Cursed to Golf
40:20 – Talking Point: What’s the Point of Treehouse Live?
“Scramble With Scotty” – Cursed to Golf

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