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JINS Eyewear Collaborating With Evangelion to Release EVA Unit Inspired Glasses

JINS Eyewear has announced that the company will be launching a collaboration with the Japanese mecha series Evangelion prior to the upcoming movie’s premiere…



Evangelion JINS

As the final and latest theatrical release of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time draws near, JINS Eyewear has announced that the company will be launching a collaboration with the Japanese mecha series prior to the upcoming movie’s premiere. Inspired by the motifs and quirks of four of the franchise’s most popular human and mechanical characters, three types of glasses will be hitting the JINS’s store page later this year along with a limited number of bonus items for customers who sign up in advance to order any of their new “Evangelion” series products. The lineup consists of two types of optical glasses inspired by the EVA Unit-01 and EVA Unit-02, and one type of sunglasses that pays homage to the former mecha.

Inspired by Shinji Ikari and EVA Unit-01, the first pair of optical glasses available in JINS’s Evangelion selection takes several beats from the main stars of the world-famous animation. The gap between the lens and rim is representative of the eyes of EVA Unit-01, while the temple tips showcase the character’s arms. The mecha’s joint movement has also been translated into the glasses’ two-piece movable hinges. The inspirations, however, do not just carry over to the wearable face accessory. The case of these optical glasses features a graphic image inspired by Test Type.

Sticking to the same design philosophy, the second pair of optical glasses takes on the appearance of Asuka Langley Soryu and EVA Unit-02. The eyes of EVA Unit-02 inspire the four studs found on both sides of the rim, and the bridge of the glasses has a similar design that comes from the arms of the machine. Just like Shinji and Test Type’s original black box, the case of this particular pair of optical glasses has a cover face graphic inspired by EVA Unit-02. Both EVA Unit-01 and EVA Unit-02 glasses come with the same dark gray soft cloth case that features a hexagonal pattern.

The Evangelion Test Type EVA Unit-01 glasses, however, embody a completely different design from the other two Shinji and Asuka-inspired optical pairs. These thicker sporty-styled sunglasses harnesses frames whose color scheme matches the original EVA Unit and contain special interchangeable lenses. Despite being completely different color options, both swappable lenses still align perfectly with the EVA’s darker palette to ensure that no matter what customers choose to wear in public neither style will look out of place. Like the previous two pairs, the Test Type sunglasses also includes a black box coated with a graphic image inspired by the mecha. However, to accommodate for its larger design the case’s size slightly towers its counterparts. On top of this, the glasses also come with a white-colored soft case with the same pattern.

The Evangelion JINS Eyewear collection will be available for purchase sometime this fall of 2021. While you may not be able to buy your desired pair at the moment, JINS Eyewear has created a sign-up on their dedicated website for customers interested in being placed on a waiting list for any of the upcoming three products. If you happen to sign-up now and purchase any pair of glasses when they are available, JINS will include a bonus item with your package. As seen above, an exclusive set of three limited numbered transparent folders featuring Shinju, Asuka, and EVA Unit-01 rocking their respective glasses will be given to customers who sign up for the waitlist now and complete an order later. For more information on JINS Eyewear’s collaboration with Evangelion, you can check out the company’s official website right here.

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