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How Much Time Wasted On LoL?



League of Legends

League of Legends has an average game length of around 25-35 minutes, which means many players have spent quite a lot of time playing LoL. For someone who plays 4 games a day, the average in game time wasted on LoL is 60-80 hours. 

Unfortunately, there is no official statement regarding the account’s total time spent playing LoL from Riot Games. Yet they offer the time you have spent playing competitive game modes through their in game client, and for those of you who wonder how much time they have spent in total; There are third party pages that help you do so!

How Dangerous is Playing LoL Too Much?

The simple answer to that is, not too much yet you still need to be careful. Any addiction carries a risk, games such as LoL are time consuming and might cause you to skip on your health, sleep schedule, education, work, and family. If you are playing over 100 hours per month, looking for guidance through resources to handle gaming addiction is the best option.

How Much Time I Waste on LoL This Season?

To check the amount of time you have spent this season with ranked game modes, you need to log into your account and go to your Profile, after that click on stats, and look at the bottom left to see the amount of time you have spent!

Top Ways to Track Your Total LoL Playtime

In order to check your total amount of time spent on League of Legends, you can either go to your profile at a site such as U.GG or OP.GG and check the amount of your games played, multiply by the average game length (25/35), and have an approximate. The other option is to calculate by combining the time every game you have spent took, for a more realistic result. We all know that both of these options take time and are difficult to calculate, thankfully; There is also a page that calculates that for us.


LoLValue is the only page that is dedicated to providing the total amount of time you have wasted on LoL. The steps to take are simple, open the page and type your in game name and tag, search and you will see the information you need regarding the time you have spent playing LoL.


Compared to LoLValue, U.GG is unnecessary. Yet if you’d like to know up to seconds of your game length to calculate accurately, U.GG is here for you! They never fail to record every game, and you can access to game second too.


Although OP.GG is as good if not better compared to U.GG, it skips recording some games sometimes due to server problems. Therefore, OP.GG is ranked third on the list. Except for some missing games, it’s as good as U.GG yet it also requires you to calculate everything on your own, unlike LoLValue’s 2 second actions that give results instantly.


As Riot doesn’t tell us how much time we have spent on LoL in total, it’s mandatory to go through third party pages to access information. There are many pages except the ones we have mentioned, pages that show you the game length such as LeagueofGraphs are often safe to check and go through. 

Don’t forget to keep your account credentials safe and do not share it with any page that claims to show you the total time spent on League of Legends after receiving your account details. Keep in mind that LoLValue page is the only actively working total time wasted on LoL calculator. 

Hope you found that interesting. Keep gaming guys 😉

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