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Guerilla Collective Showcase: Five More Highlights

Many games were shown at the Guerilla Collective’s June 5 showcase. Here are five standouts that really caught our attention.



Guerilla Collective Showcase

The first day of the Guerilla Collective’s summer showcase showed off an impressive array of indie titles. We already covered 10 highlights from the Guerilla Collective, but with the volume of games shown at the event, it’s only right to underscore a few more titles worthy of recognition. Here are five more games that really stood out at this year’s Guerilla Collective.

The Legend of Tianding

The Legend of Tianding Screenshot
Image Credit: CGCG/Neon Doctrine

This 2D action-adventure title draws inspiration from the exploits of Taiwanese folk legend Liao Tianding, who fought against oppressors in Taiwan. The Legend of Tianding follows the titular hero as he attempts to root out corruption in the Japanese-occupied Taiwan of the early 1900s. The gameplay of this side-scrolling brawler looks like it’s going to pack a mean punch, and the game is also hardly lacking in style; the characters Tianding will face look like they’re loaded with personality, and the story is also presented through comic panels that deeply resemble hand-drawn manhua.

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo Screenshot
Image Credit: Pendulo Studios/Microids

It may share virtually the same name as Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 psychological thriller, but Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo is not a straight adaptation of the classic film. Rather, it’s a narrative-focused game with an original story that is heavily inspired by the famous director’s works. Narrative Designer Josue Monchan stated during the showcase that the game will feature similar themes to the movie, such as manipulation, obsession, and madness, as well as take advantage of filmmaking and storytelling techniques that Hitchcock himself popularized.

Tamarindos Freaking Dinner

Image Credit: Celery Emblem/Neon Doctrine

Tamarindos Freaking Dinner is a murder mystery where the murder isn’t quite the most disturbing part of the tale. The trailer shown is nonsensical, but also incredibly compelling. Shots of bloody, fleshy monsters are cut between footage of the game’s sole developer, Jacob Jazz, explaining the premise of the game. In a word, it’s surreal and definitely looks like one of the weirder games to have popped up in recent memory. It’ll be interesting to see how the final game makes sense of the strange elements present here.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

Image Credit: Deskworks

While RPG Time: The Legend of Wright looks like an engaging RPG simply based on its gameplay alone, what really sells it is its presentation, which undoubtedly has taken cues from Paper Mario. It’s a game about a young boy who wishes to create a video game, but he doesn’t have the technology to do so. Hungry with ambition, he begins creating the game by drawing up characters, maps, and the like in his notebook. The entirety of the game appears to take place in the boy’s notebook, and will also incorporate other DIY crafts and home projects, like pop-up books, throughout the game.

Survival Quiz CITY

Survival Quiz CITY screenshot
Image Credit: BANDAI NAMCO/Phoenixx Inc.

It’s easy to look at Survival Quiz CITY and simply call it a Fall Guys ripoff, but the similarities don’t run that deep. Every match starts with a question that everyone in the lobby must answer. Once the answer is revealed, those who are right and those who are wrong are split up into separate teams; the wrong team has to make it through an obstacle course to avoid being eliminated, while the right team gets armed with projectiles, which can be used to make the wrong team’s struggles even harder. There’s no denying it’s a derivative work of Fall Guys, but it looks just unique enough to offer its own distinct multiplayer experience.

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