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Gaming and Mental Health: Exploring the Positive Impact of Video Games



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If you were to look at viral videos of gamers or at professional esports players, you wouldn’t exactly see a good example of either mental or physical health. The popular videos are usually those where a person is raging or yelling due to a loss. Moreover, professional players usually spend a lot of time and effort in perfecting their skills, which doesn’t leave much room for physical exercise. What you need to do is remember that these are extreme cases that don’t paint gaming in a positive light. 

Playing video games in moderation can have a very positive impact on one’s mental health. It’s because it feels good and fulfilling that many commit dozens of hours per week to this hobby. So, let’s see what are some positive effects of video games on mental health.

Games Can Be Stimulating, Relaxing and Exciting

Thanks to Android and iOS devices, gaming has become more accessible. App stores are filled with titles that are easy to learn, that can be witty, and that are designed to be played up to one hour a day. These are casual and relaxing titles that can help you if you are feeling nervous or bored. 

Other games you can play on your phone can be found on gambling sites. You can try some of the best slots or play online poker and blackjack if you are looking for something more stimulating for the brain. All you have to do is pick a Norge casino that is on review site and make an account. You can find operators with no deposit bonuses and play for free. Slots, in particular, are very easy and can lead to some thrilling experiences. Since you can play risk-free winning will feel great, while losses won’t be frustrating. 

Sense of Accomplishment and Increased Motivation

One thing that has a positive impact on our psyche is a sense of accomplishment, and games are great when it comes to this. They deliver information to the player and equip him or her with tools to solve various problems. However, these problems can still require attention to detail and creative thinking from players who wish to overcome them. Overcoming obstacles, finding solutions to puzzles, or mastering mechanics to defeat a tough boss can lead to an incredible sense of accomplishment. 

This way, games help you build up your confidence and welcome new challenges. It can also help you become more motivated and take on problems in real life. One of the notoriously difficult series is called Dark Souls, and mastering these games feels satisfying. Young people who struggle with depression have even stated how the Dark Souls resonated with them. The reason the Dark Souls series are good video games for mental health is because they require you to embrace its difficulties. They teach you to continue to fight regardless of how insurmountable the obstacles might be. Your will to fight and persevere is what forges meaning out of a seemingly meaningless existence in a dark world.  


A great book or a movie can have immense power over the reader or viewer. They can decentralize our point of view and introduce a fresh perspective. They can also serve as a catharsis for pent-up emotions. By making us cry, or cheer on for the defeat of a villain we can relieve some of our negativity and feel better. Games can also be narrative-driven and are amazing devices for storytelling. What’s more, because of your agency you feel more immersed and connected to the characters. Some of the titles with amazing narratives are:

Witnessing these stories and touching moments will definitely make you pause and think about your own life experiences. It can even boost your interpersonal intelligence and give you a new dimension on how to interpret your relationships. This is very beneficial to your mental health.  

Learning About Mental Health

Finally, certain titles are crafted with education in mind. They want to draw awareness to certain topics or problems. Conditions like depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety are at the centre of the narrative. These mental illness game titles help you experience, to an extent, what it’s like to have certain disorders. Of course, subject matter experts must work with designers to accurately portray these conditions. 

Sometimes, knowing is half the battle, so if you have means of identifying problems early on, you can prevent them from growing into more serious conditions. What’s more, mental health video games can also help you cope with your condition. Some of the releases that were praised for tackling mental health topics include Disco Elysium, Depression Quest and Celeste. 


In addition to mental health benefits, games can be very useful for inspiring the development of important skills. Creative thinking, cooperation, and communication are all necessary skills in multiplayer online games. These same skills can help you in the workplace to become a better team member or even a team leader. Games and mental health can go well together, but they

are also viewed as a form of escapism, and they can easily become one’s comfort zone. Overindulgence in this hobby isn’t healthy, so to reap the benefits, you need to enjoy it in moderation. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading and as always, keep gaming 😉

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