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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Faces Drop in UK Physical Sales



Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Faces Drop in UK Physical Sales

The recent release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for the PS5 has been met with glowing reviews. However, its physical sales in the UK tell a different story. According to data from Gfk, shared by Games Industry’s Christopher Dring on Twitter, sales are almost 30% lower than those of its predecessor, Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

This significant drop raises questions. Notably, Final Fantasy 7 Remake launched during the height of COVID-19 lockdowns. This period likely boosted its sales. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the availability of consoles. When the Remake launched, over 110 million PS4 consoles had been shipped, a much higher figure compared to the recently reported 54 million shipments of the PS5.

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Despite this decline in physical sales, there is still a chance for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to bounce back with the upcoming digital sales report. Digital purchases have been on the rise in recent years, potentially offering a much-needed boost to the game’s overall sales.

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