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Examining the Role of Boosting in Online Gaming: Perspectives from WoW, Valorant, and LoL



WOW and Valorant Boosting

Boosting, the practice of hiring skilled players to improve one’s rank or level in games like “World of Warcraft” (WoW), “Valorant,” and “League of Legends” (LoL), is a multifaceted issue in the online gaming community. This article aims to provide a balanced view, exploring both the criticisms and the potential positive aspects associated with boosting.

The Boosting Scenario

Boosting services offered by high-level players or dedicated organizations, promise to elevate a player’s rank or achieve certain in-game goals for a fee. This practice is widespread across various online games, each dealing with it in its unique way.

World of Warcraft: Boosting in a Community Context

In “World of Warcraft,” boosting is often related to completing challenging raids or dungeons. While some argue that it undermines the game’s progression-based nature, others see it as a way to experience content they otherwise might not have the time or skill level to see. For some players, boosting can be a gateway to enjoying high-level content and learning from more experienced players.

Valorant: The Competitive Edge

“Valorant” faces its share of boosting, given its competitive and ranked gameplay. While boosting can disrupt matchmaking balance, it also presents a way for players to experience higher-tier play and learn from observing skilled teammates. Boosting can potentially offer insights and strategies that players might not encounter in their usual rank.

League of Legends: A Dual Perspective

Boosting in “League of Legends” is a well-documented phenomenon. Riot Games has taken steps to curb it, citing fairness and competitive integrity. However, from another perspective, boosting services can be seen as a form of coaching, where players are exposed to advanced strategies and gameplay styles. This can lead to accelerated learning and a deeper understanding of the game.

Why Players Opt for Boosting

Players seek boosting services for various reasons: to reach higher ranks, obtain exclusive rewards, or simply to enjoy the game in a different competitive environment. Some players use boosting as a means to bypass ranks they perceive as unrepresentative of their true skill level due to various in-game challenges.

Community Impact and Positive Aspects

While boosting can lead to imbalanced matches, it also introduces a dynamic where lower-ranked players can observe and learn from higher-skilled gameplay. This aspect of boosting can be educational, offering a perspective on advanced tactics and decision-making processes.

Developer Responses and Ethical Considerations

Game developers like Blizzard and Riot Games have implemented measures to regulate boosting. Ethically, boosting sits in a grey area. It challenges notions of fairness and merit in gaming but also offers a service that some players find valuable for enhancing their gaming experience.


The phenomenon of boosting in WoW, Valorant, and LoL is complex, with valid arguments on both sides. While it poses challenges to game balance and competitive fairness, it also offers opportunities for learning and experiencing higher-level gameplay. As the online gaming landscape continues to evolve, the conversation around boosting remains relevant, reflecting the diverse needs and perspectives within the gaming community.

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